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[COMMENTARY] Photos Show Madison Cawthorn Wearing Women’s Lingerie at Party

[COMMENTARY] Photos Show Madison Cawthorn Wearing Women’s Lingerie at Party

If Tucker Carlson is concerned about the future of masculinity, Rep. Madison Cawthorn isn’t really helping him make his case at the moment.

Politico dropped a literal photo bomb late on Friday as the social media universe was still recovering from the day’s Marjorie Taylor Greene testimony. According to the profile accompanying the photos of Maddy and some lady friends wearing lingerie (above), Politico “could not independently verify” the screenshots of the original images which were provided to Politico by “a person formerly close to Cawthorn and his campaign. A second person formerly close to Cawthorn and his campaign confirmed the origin of the photos.”

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Cawthorn is the same guy who says and tweets transphobic and homophobic references, so this is called irony, friends! “I think that we have bred a generation of soft men and that generation has created a lot of problems in our society and our culture,” he said in March 2021 on a podcast “designed to reclaim and restore masculinity in a society that is ever more dismissive of what it means to be a man.” Yep, this is the guy who should be deciding about gender definitions for sure.

The photos were released just a day after we learned Maddy got pulled over AGAIN because he’s a terrible and unlicensed driver, but because he’s a white Congressman and not an unarmed Black man, his lady friend got to drive them home and nobody died.

Anyway, Cawthorn will try to roll right over this (YEAH I DID) but the photos speak for themselves. If you lean in closely (but not too close, you don’t want to catch anything), they say, “GOP Orgies are super fun!” and “Just be glad these aren’t the Lindsey Graham photos!”

Twitter was still having its fun at Cawthorn’s expense as we were going to press, and I’m sure this one is going to stick to Maddy like a pair of those chicken breast insert thingies women put in their bras.


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