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[COMMENTARY] ‘Perjury’ Taylor Greene Displays a Whole Lot of Projection in Acosta Interview

[COMMENTARY] ‘Perjury’ Taylor Greene Displays a Whole Lot of Projection in Acosta Interview

CNN’s Jim Acosta was doing this weird thing called “his job” on Thursday when he caught up with Rep. “Perjury” Taylor Greene (Q-GA) to ask her a few simple questions, like why she can’t stop lying.

The Con Artist Formerly Known As Marjorie did all the Trumpy moves we’ve come to expect from the (burning) CrossFit fanatic and devotee of Tantra and unethical non-monogamy. We witnessed her doing the kind of perjury that other people would already be in prison for, but as a member of Trump’s Favored Stable of Subjugated Sheep, she’s somehow thus far avoided consequences for all of the lying she did in an Atlanta courtroom last Friday.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 22: U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene laughs when asked if she cooks children before she eats them, or does she just snack on them raw? (Caption: Your Author. Photo by John Bazemore-Pool/Getty Images)

Madge is trying really hard to un-perjure herself, but it’s pretty hard to do that when you said you didn’t talk to anyone about Martial Law, but then we all saw her texts to Mark Meadows about “Marshall Law.” She even tried to do the whole “I don’t recall doing the thing you said that I did that you also have receipts for” with one of her own. When Laura Ingraham isn’t helping you in your attempt to cook and eat more children, you know you may have fallen out of favor.

Thankfully, we still have Jim Acosta out there doing the Lord’s work with a press pass that allows him to ask Madge questions. Of course, since she hates truth, she turned it around as an attack on her, after which Twitter instantly reminded her of that time she harassed a Parkland survivor with a loaded gun in her purse.

It’s hilarious to hear her say “Be honest just for once” to a reporter. MAGA tactics of distraction and projection 101. Now if there only would be consequences for anything she’s ever done.


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