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[COMMENTARY] Pence Proves He’s No Hero By Sucking Up to Trump Yet Again

[COMMENTARY] Pence Proves He’s No Hero By Sucking Up to Trump Yet Again

So I get that Mike Pence is a devout Christian and believes in “turning the other cheek,” or whatever, but I still think if your former boss tried to have you killed because you wouldn’t commit treason and election fraud for him is a reason to hold a grudge. But hey, that’s just me.

As for Pence, he’s apparently fine with ignoring the evidence presented at last Thursday’s January 6th Select Committee hearing where everyone’s testimony regarding him was basically, “Yeah, Trump called Pence a wimp and then hoped the mob would take care of him.” I mean, again, if someone’s got the time and wherewithal to BUILD A GALLOWS behind your workplace just in case they catch up to you during a riot because the Proud Boys were sent to kill you, maybe you could figure out how to compartmentalize things and put your former boss in the THIS IS A CRAZY BAD BEYOND NOT NORMAL PERSON compartment.

Mike Pence holds Trump rally, a full months after the election.
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
But nope, Pence is taking the approach of “Well, maybe Trump won’t be able to run in 2024 because of that Georgia election interference thing and the MAGA people who tried to kill me will now embrace me as their Dear Leader,” which might work on some of them, but probably not enough. Never one to take any chances in life–he wouldn’t get into the car with his staff as directed by the Secret Service because he didn’t trust the driver–Pence is also making sure Big Daddy Trump can’t ever say he didn’t say nice things, even though he’s already said not nice things.

Pence is still a suckup, and Larry Kudlow is a criminal. Everyone not testifying against Trump should go down with him. This is just so wrong in all of the ways, and yes, yes I’m aware Trump is the lyingest liar in the history of liars. Except when he called Pence a pussy, he wasn’t lying then.

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