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[COMMENTARY] Patton Oswalt Shreds Scott Baio On Twitter Hard Enough to Make Him Trend

[COMMENTARY] Patton Oswalt Shreds Scott Baio On Twitter Hard Enough to Make Him Trend




A long time ago, in the Year of Our Lord 2009, Twitter was a place comprised mostly of comedians and writers who played fun word games and occasionally discussed politics in an adult way, even as late as 2012, because there was no such thing as MAGA. People enjoyed the “global cocktail party” atmosphere that seemed way cooler than the stuffy family reunions over on Facebook that often erupted in fights. On Twitter, we said good night to each other when we were ready to call it for the day. And sometimes that was well before we went to bed, because we could focus on other things like reading real books in those glory days, when the social medias hadn’t yet become a giant garbage fire of constant churning rage that stole all of our time and our souls.

Ah, but here we are now in 2021, and if you spend any amount of time on Twitter, you know it’s become a contest of who can hate-tweet the fastest about the thing that just happened. They might whine about “cancel culture”, but I’m here to tell you that we’ll most likely never get that good feeling back ever since the Former Guy took over the whole mood like a grumpy dad who ruins dinner every damn night. Too many of his sycophants are still around, pushing the Big Lie even though Orange Daddy can’t see it anymore.


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Even now, months after legitimately losing the election, the MAGA faithful are still trolling liberals, because they have nothing left but their manufactured outrage. They really do make it easy for even the most casual user to own them. But when the MAGAt is epic loser Scott Baio (full disclosure: I’m blocked) and he tries it with one of the smartest, funniest, and most erudite Twitter users ever, it’s not the usual flame war.

Patton Oswalt tweeted a joke about the “Trump Inauguration” that was supposed to happen on March 4th but ultimately didn’t. Granted, Baio is low-hanging fruit, but it’s also never not funny when he makes it so easy for someone as brilliant as Oswalt.

Patton’s tweet triggered an avalanche of juvenile snowflake replies from Baio’s account.

And then it was on, with far more users siding with the “Young Adult” star who was hoping to just promote the new season of his show “A.P. Bio” instead of feuding online with the Artist Formerly Known As Chachi.

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One of Baio’s favorite deflections, when anyone points out that his last real job was during George H.W. Bush’s administration, is to name call or show pictures of a golf course as if comparing himself to the Former Guy is a thing anyone should be doing. Baio’s followers, who call themselves “Scott Baio’s Army” (no, really) were also trying it with Oswalt, but that wasn’t going well as Friday evening wore on.


Of course, this is more attention for Baio than he’s had in a while, but Patton Oswalt will always get the last laugh.


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