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[COMMENTARY] ‘Pandemic Of the Unvaccinated’: CDC Now Saying Masks & Tests For Everyone Again

[COMMENTARY] ‘Pandemic Of the Unvaccinated’: CDC Now Saying Masks & Tests For Everyone Again

Just like in Congress, the minority is keeping the majority from having nice things.

Despite the country reaching a 50% vaccinated threshold, with many individual states surpassing that number, the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated continues unabated thanks to the Delta Variant and the continued politicizing of both the vaccines and mask mandates. Florida is experiencing more COVID19 cases now than a year ago when the vaccines weren’t available. Those who did their part and got the vaccines when they were first available (like yours truly) were hesitant all the way back in May when President Biden said we could finally take off our masks because we were protected, but we slowly got used to the feeling of the sun on our faces again and seeing what other people really look like. We talked about the summer like we’d be free and clear, because who wouldn’t want to be free and clear?

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The same people who whine and complain that the country isn’t reopening fast enough are the ones at fault, but they’re too stubbornly obtuse to see it. While there are legitimate cases of people who cannot take the vaccine–my older son just told me about his former teacher who has a blood-clotting disorder, and his doctor recommended he hold off on these vaccines–those who have the choice but continue to move about the world spreading Delta “because muh freedoms” are the ones at fault.

The anti-vaxxers who refute all vaccinations are a whole other commentary (you guys are the worst worst, tho), but the stubborn Trumpers who won’t get vaccinated should be penalized in some way. They should be forced into quarantine again, not us. They should lose basic human privileges like entrance into public places. They should be ostracized by society, not coddled like children. Instead of that happening, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending that masks be worn indoors in places with substantial or high Covid transmission or test positivity rates, which is currently about 80 percent of all U.S. counties. You can see how your state’s cases are exploding exponentially (my state is up 120% in the last two weeks, woo hoo) here.

We are never going to get past this pandemic if people won’t get vaccinated. It’s the most frustrating feeling to know that you did all of the right things but none of it matters because Donald Trump had to politicize a virus instead of acting like a public servant for once in his miserable life. Trump is so dumb, he didn’t see COVID19 for the political gift it was. He could have saved millions of registered voters and been seen as a hero. Instead, well…here we are.

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, think about someone you love. Anyone, it can be a person in your family or a famous person you admire. Now imagine them like this:

Please get vaccinated so we can all get our lives back.

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