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[COMMENTARY] One Hack Backs Another: Trump Endorses MAGA Quack Mehmet Oz

[COMMENTARY] One Hack Backs Another: Trump Endorses MAGA Quack Mehmet Oz

Did you just sigh really loud reading that headline because you’re like, OF COURSE HE DID. Yeah, there’s a lot of that going around at the moment, I feel you.

Formerly anointed by Oprah, who’s now all “I don’t know him,” “Dr” MEHmet “Hack Quack Shill” Oz went full MAGA a few years ago, and I don’t really get why. Surgeons are educated people, but talk show hosts with no political experience really need to stop thinking they can do politics just because they figured out how to speak on camera. Watching other people do government-type things on TV doesn’t mean you can also do them just because you’re also on TV. It would be like if Madison Cawthorn decided he could put in a Foley catheter because you used to be a surgeon, MEHmet. Skills don’t magically transfer through the TV, you Qrazy Quack. Just like you can’t magically lose a third of your body weight in a healthy way in under a month, unless you plan to not be alive after those 30 days.


Trump had previously endorsed Sean Parnell in the race, but Parnell withdrew his candidacy amid allegations of abuse from his estranged wife. Which is weird, because Trump is still endorsing Herschel Walker, who has a documented history of the exact same kind of behavior, but I guess it’s different when it’s a guy who used to play sportsball in college, even if he’s lying about graduating. Walker is also connected to Dr. Oz, because both of them violated the Hatch Act! It’s a Trumper twofer, I tells ya!

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It’s not really a surprise that these two snake oil salesmen are old friends. When Trump was forced to share his medical records during the 2016 campaign, Dr. Oz was happy to only share the “good parts” while enabling someone who was clearly not the pinnacle of physical health.

Trump has now endorsed Dr. Oz, Sarah Palin, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, among others. None of them care about America, they care about their own celebrity. If that’s not enough to make your brain cry, I don’t know what will.

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