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[COMMENTARY]: One Debate Was Enough

[COMMENTARY]: One Debate Was Enough

Last night, millions of people witnessed a spectacle the likes of which the political world has never seen. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off against each other on stage for the first time. It should be the last.

The inaugural “debate” between the two septogenarians was a carnival of disrespect and an insult to our national intellect.


Tuesday evening’s production was not really a debate, though. It was a lawless debacle that was broadcast worldwide and eternally encoded in Americans’ collective digital legacy. Nothing of value was accomplished except further degredation of the dysfunctional circus into which our politics have devolved.

The horrific spectacle of Trump calling white supremacists to arms – the embarrassment of watching the president of the United States get reprimanded for behaving like a belligerent toddler – the stampede of lies and sheer nonsense that went largely unchecked – and the perplexing, unsettling satisfaction of Biden telling the commander in chief to shut up and then referring to him as a clown – were mere snippets of how much Trump has eroded the dignity of the office he occupies and intends on keeping, democracy be damned.

The real travesty, however, is that after nearly four years of living in Donald’s Diseased Dystopia, we the people are still permitting the media to gift him free airtime to treat us like disposable chumps.

Did we not learn anything following 2016’s sad show, when over the course of three debates, Trump bullied, chastised, and snakishly stalked Hillary Clinton? Have we forgotten who won that contest? Trump did. His boorish deportment proved to be an asset to 77,000 people in three counties, whose ballots rendered mute the voices of 66 million voters – the clear majority – who did not want Trump anywhere near the Oval Office.

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Are we insane? Do we have Stockholm Syndrome? Are we – dare I say it – stupid? I refuse to accept that.

But with less than six weeks left until the election in November, what additional information can possibly be gleaned about Trump? What purpose does it serve, other than to enable his treacherous abuses of power and demonic traumatization of our battered population, to perch him atop a pulpit upon which he is impervious to truth and immune to rules – TWO MORE TIMES, no less?

There was no victor in Cleveland on Tuesday night because the entire extravaganza was an unwinnable sham. Never again.

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