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[COMMENTARY] Oilfield Workers Must Abandon Trump! I Know, Because I Am One.

[COMMENTARY] Oilfield Workers Must Abandon Trump! I Know, Because I Am One.

I work in the oilfield, which in general has created the appearance of being mostly pro-Trump.  On LinkedIn, when an oilfield worker posts or comments anything that’s critical of President Trump, many other people will make comments disputing what was said, commenting on how if someone is against Trump then they are against the oilfield.  Some comments will simply be insults & others will say no one will be willing to hire you for not supporting Trump.

It is this type of campaign that makes very few oilfield workers willing to publicly display their views if they do not support Trump.   I know this to be true because I receive many messages of support from fellow oilfield workers who won’t publicly show it because they have been made fearful of the impression of possible consequences that Trump supporters have created.

I haven’t liked Trump since the 1980’s — including when he was a Democrat.

I first began my dislike for Trump because of football.  I was a fan & season ticket holder of the New Orleans Breakers, a USFL team.  From 1983 -1985, it was a successful springtime football league.

In 1985, the USFL voted to move from a spring to a fall schedule in 1986 to compete directly with the NFL. This was done at the urging of New Jersey Generals majority owner Donald Trump and a handful of other owners as a way to force a merger between the leagues. As part of this strategy, the USFL filed an antitrust lawsuit against the National Football League in 1986, and a jury ruled that the NFL had violated anti-monopoly laws. However, in a victory in name only, the USFL was awarded a judgment of just $1, which under antitrust laws, was tripled to $3.  This court decision effectively ended the USFL’s existence. The league never played its planned 1986 season, and by the time it folded, it had lost over $163 million (over $381 million in 2019 dollars).

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Then in 1986, I worked in research for a small investment banking company called Nightowl Enterprises.  One of the things we regularly did was watch the financial news from 5:00 am on.   For those too young or were not interested, Donald Trump had a routine in which he acted as a corporate raider, reportedly using debt to buy shares in a company while suggesting he might soon become a majority owner to boost its value before he sold the holdings quietly to pocket the gain.  Knowing this early on, the owner would also follow suit on some stock buys & sells.

Trump made millions of dollars between 1986 and 1988 using this tactic until investors eventually caught on to what he was doing and ignored his claims.  Though this is a legal tactic, I personally found it unethical. After all, he was making money by tricking people.

Continuing to not impress me as a good businessman, there were his billions of dollars of debt that he eventually declared bankruptcy for (including multiple casinos), which gave rise to the joke “the house always wins… unless it’s owned by Trump.”

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There are plenty more things that made me further my dislike of him, including his multiple marriages & him becoming a reality show TV star.   Yes I am biased when I view Trump, but it is biases based on years of his actions.   Since his becoming president, he has only further added to my disappointment of him.


About Jim Pazos:

Jim Pazos, 50 years old Independent voter.  I’ve worked in the oilfield since 1990, spending 5 years running oil & gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico & 25 years in the drilling industry.  I’m currently a drilling fluids engineer, who has been unemployed since March 12th because of the Coronavirus 19 pandemic.  Because of my anti-Trump views, how people should wear masks in public & views on the rights to free speech, my future as a worker in the oilfield has been openly threatened & open to any new opportunities. Jim is also a regular contributor to MeidasTouch.com

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