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[COMMENTARY] Ohio MAGAs Line Up For Potential SuperSpreader Trump Rally

[COMMENTARY] Ohio MAGAs Line Up For Potential SuperSpreader Trump Rally

Despite the Delta variant of the coronavirus running rampant in their state, unvaccinated and unmasked Trumpers gathered on Saturday morning, a full 12 hours before the doors opened, for a rally in Wellington, Ohio.

Even though the Former Guy isn’t running for anything and GOP insiders want him to stay as far away from the 2022 midterms as possible, he’s using the opportunity as both a fundraiser and a kickoff to a personal revenge tour against one lone man.

US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Tucson International Airport in Tucson, Arizona on October 19, 2020. – US President Donald Trump went after top government scientist Anthony Fauci in a call with campaign staffers on October 19, 2020, suggesting the hugely respected and popular doctor was an “idiot.” (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Trump is launching a full-on attack against Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, who had the audacity to put his country ahead of the Republican Party and voted for Trump’s second impeachment in the wake of the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. It’s a weak excuse to get in front of a crowd, but with the impending charges against the Trump Organization expected to drop as soon as this week, TFG needs to get that one last grift in to cover his legal bills–if he can find a lawyer who’ll represent him who’s still licensed to practice law, that is.

But the MAGAs love nothing more than being brazenly terrible and enjoying every last minute they have left to worship at the altar of this guy. THIS GUY.

The remaining MAGA faithful shared videos of what it’s like to be a mediocre white guy sitting in a line of mid-priced cars while obtusely appropriating the Black culture they consistently mock. Have you ever seen anyone less cool than this? Wait, don’t answer that yet, there are more clips coming.

What is the lowest negative number you can count to? Because that’s the collective IQ right here.

Yeah, waiting for the Manhattan DA to drop those charges on the Trump Org, ostriches.

Having all of them in one place is really convenient for the Feds, though. You know, if they’d just show up.

The one great thing about all of these people who love being terrible more than they love America is that it’s super easy to drag them, which is how Twitter is coping with both the extreme heat this weekend as well as the extreme stupidity the MAGA faithful continues to exhibit. Here’s a roundup of some of the pre-rally roasts.

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