COMMENTARY: Now Would Be a Good Time to Get the Truth About Extraterrestrials

I was an X-Files kid. I still binge-watch reruns on Hulu. That quintessential 90s show inspired a generation to look up at the sky and wonder what or who is really out there. The answer may be closer than ever.

Last weekend, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Administrator Bill Nelson – a former astronaut and Democratic United States Senator from Florida – admitted on CNN that he believes that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe and that he could not rule out the possibility that a small percentage of unidentified aerial phenomena – more popularly known as UFOs – have otherworldly origins.

Photo by Graeme Jennings-Pool/Getty Images

“My feeling is that there is clearly something there. It may not necessarily be extraterrestrial, but if it is a technology that some of our adversaries have then we’d better be concerned,” he said. “Remember, the universe is so large. We have a program in NASA called the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But thus far we don’t have any receipt of a communication from something that’s intelligent.”

But, he added, that does not mean humanity has no neighbors in the cosmos.

“Are we alone? Personally, I don’t think we are,” he said. “The universe is so big. It’s 13 and a half billion years ago when the universe started. That’s pretty big. People are hungry for this kind of information and they’re going to keep searching.”

Nelson’s interview with CNN is available here.

Those are extraordinary statements for someone in Nelson’s position to be making given the United States government’s history of coverups and denials surrounding the subject of aliens and spaceships from other planets visiting Earth. His words are even more amazing when coupled with recent footage released by the Pentagon of military encounters with unidentifiable craft speeding through the sky and bouncing in and out of the ocean, seemingly defying the known laws of physics.

If the government is slowly grooming the public about the existence of life beyond our world (or our dimension, which is a popular theory among ufologists and independent researchers), it could not come at a more crucial time for our species.

Conventional wisdom states that society would break down into chaos if people were suddenly informed that there are beings out there – with technologies that could be millions of years ahead of ours – keeping tabs on us. Doomsday predictions of mass riots, war, alien invasions, and religious extremism have been popularized in the media since the 1950s when the modern UFO craze began.

Perhaps those concerns might have been valid during the Cold War when the United States and the Soviet Union were ready to annihilate life on Earth at a moments’ notice, however, we no longer live in that world.

Despite our small differences, humanity is interconnected like never before. Geographical borders no longer divide us. Instead, demagogues and power-hungry charlatans have exploited our technologies to manipulate the population into believing that neighbors are each others’ enemies and that deeply-held personal beliefs – no matter how ridiculous – hold more weight than objective truths.

If it were to be revealed that Earth is and has been visited by someone from another part of the galaxy, I believe it would be a uniting wake-up call for every human on this planet. It would be an inescapable fact. Plus, if ETs are hostile, they could wipe us out without so much as a warning and we would be powerless to stop it. That has not happened, so there is little reason to believe that it will.

And then there is the biggest issue of them all – climate change. The summer of hell has begun in North America with temperatures soaring past 120 degrees Fahrenheit in CANADA of all places as well as in the Pacific Northwest. Sea level rise is being blamed for the deadly condo collapse in Sunrise, Florida last week. In the American West, a historic megadrought is literally draining Lake Mead and other sources of water for millions of people. We are living through a real-time disaster movie of our own making because our leaders chose to ignore the science and focus on short-term financial gain. The bill for such grotesque negligence is coming due, and fast.

I once wrote that humanity may be alone in the Universe. I hope to be proven wrong. If someone is out there, now would be the time to make it known. Our collective destiny depends on it.

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