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[COMMENTARY] Nobody Asked You, Newt: Twitter Drags Gingrich For Racist Immigration Rant

[COMMENTARY] Nobody Asked You, Newt: Twitter Drags Gingrich For Racist Immigration Rant

Is there anyone more pathetic than a retired Republican who still thinks they’re relevant?

That list is long, but for now, let’s narrow it down to just a few. On Wednesday, possibly the most pathetic of the retired Republicans, serial philanderer Newt Gingrich, decided to take a break from the all-whites golf course sand trap he lives in to emerge with some profoundly racist comments about President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, because the Former Guy had such a winning record with that.

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The disgraced former Speaker of the House is bashing immigrants who are coming to America without entry papers while blaming Democrats for the influx, despite the increase dating back well into the Trump era. Whining to fellow Trumper Maria Bartiromo on her Fox “News” show (really scraping the bottom of that barrel, huh Maria?), Gingrich complained that maybe the Biden Administration just isn’t racist enough with its policies, not like the good ol’ days of the Trump Administration. Gingrich pushed a far-right fascistic attack, claiming that immigrants are being brought in to “replace” white Americans, who he referred to as “traditional classic Americans.” He also accused Democrats of being “anti-American” and “radical.”

Gingrich frames himself as an icon of conservative and traditional America but in fact is a thrice-married, twice-divorced serial adulterer who cheated on his first wife while prosecuting President Bill Clinton’s impeachment for lying about his affair, then asked his wife to agree to an open marriage. He left his first two wives while they were ill. He also skirted military service, using his status as a student and as a father to get deferments rather than serve his country in Vietnam. Gingrich was forced to resign as Speaker of the House in 1998 after a terrible drubbing in the November elections, which historians say was due to his ethics violations and extramarital affair with a woman, a congressional staffer 23 years his junior.

So basically Gingrich is the worst of Donald Trump combined with the stuff we don’t like about Bill Clinton dunked in a jar of Marshmallow Fluff.


“They don’t come all the way across Mexico for the purpose of visiting for two days,” Gingrich, whose unqualified wife was Ambassador to the Vatican under Donald Trump, whined. Like all Republicans, Gingrich is willfully ignoring all the reasons immigrants are desperate to leave Central America: drugs, gangs, bad economies, climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, crime, and death. Many of those factors are a direct result of American policies and actions.

Twitter was still excoriating Gingrich well into Wednesday evening.


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