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[COMMENTARY] No Shocker Here: DC Insider Says Trump ‘May’ Let His Kids Take the Fall For Him

[COMMENTARY] No Shocker Here: DC Insider Says Trump ‘May’ Let His Kids Take the Fall For Him

Trump DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. Trump cares about money. Trump will look you in the eye and smile at you while stealing your tip for the server off of the table after dinner. You’re paying his legal fees into the millions and he wouldn’t give you a nickel to do a scratch-off Lotto ticket. Trump would walk over the bodies of his kids to escape a burning building and then blame them for starting the fire. Trump isn’t a Christian. He’s a Trumpian. He only cares about himself, and if he has to pretend he cares about anyone else, it looks like it physically hurts him.


These are all things I’ve written about the Former Guy. They were true when I wrote them, they’ll be true tomorrow, and they’ll be true for all of whatever remains of human history.

Margaret Carlson picks up this same thread in her new column for The Daily Beast, but again, anyone paying attention can construct their own analogies about how little Trump cares about anything besides himself. Of course he’d let his kids take the fall for him. He’s too narcissistic to take any blame or allow the public to see him weak or guilty in any way! He’s blameless, he’s innocent, he’s just surrounded by the most corrupt group of people outside of a Scorsese movie, it’s never his fault and it never will be.

Trump’s legendary disdain for his adult sons is obvious, so I’m guessing there are discussions going on at Mar-A-Lago right now where Big Little Don is telling Little Little Don and Eric to take one for their sister, who’s too pretty for prison, like Hope Hicks.

Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric have their nepotism–I mean, fingerprints–all over financial documents that investigators and New York State Attorney General Tish James believe show the family and the Trump Organization committed fraud. There are so many concurrent lawsuits against the Trumps, they should be required to donate to Future Forests along with paying back all of the millions they’ve (allegedly, she wrote while rolling her eyes) stolen. Plus, there’s all of that January 6th stuff going on.

From Carlson at the Daily Beast: “The DC Attorney General Karl Racine is suing Trump and his 2016 inaugural committee for using funds to enrich the Trump Organization, including paying $175,000 for a ballroom at his hotel that previously went for $5,000. Trump’s also being sued for alleged violations of the Voting Rights and the Ku Klux Klan Act (which prohibits the intimidation of public officials), by the Capitol and Metropolitan police for injuries arising from the Jan. 6 violence, and by his former attorney Michael Cohen for retaliatory imprisonment after Trump learned he was writing a tell-all book. An active class action suit claims Trump used his brand name to defraud thousands of strivers through multi-level marketing schemes promising to divulge the secrets of his success.”

So, yeah, he’d rather not deal with any of that. Let the kids do it, right? They’re younger, they have more time to fight lawsuits or live out a prison sentence. Trump doesn’t care! Our friends at Really American even made a whole video about it!

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