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[COMMENTARY] ‘No Cold Soup For You!’: Twitter Creams Greene Over ‘Gazpacho’ Gaffe

[COMMENTARY] ‘No Cold Soup For You!’: Twitter Creams Greene Over ‘Gazpacho’ Gaffe

Twitter became an Insta-Pot of Soup Nazi memes and food-related puns on Wednesday after a video of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) making one of the biggest verbal pot-au-feu faux pas in recent culinary and world history began making the rounds.

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s “Real America’s Voice” Network (which was oddly out of breath because maybe it’s got some lingering COVID behind it), Greene compared the January 6th House Select Committee to the Nazi Police, known as the Gestapo. But the woman who’s been told off by the Auschwitz Museum on more than one occasion for making inappropriate Holocaust references not only did it again, she looked right into the camera and said with full confidence, “Gazpacho Police.” GAZPACHO.

[Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images]

She’ll backpedal and try to say she slipped up, but she didn’t correct herself. Lookit:

She really thinks she’s using the right word there. It’s astonishing, yet not really surprising, is it? MADGE IS NOT SMART. The receipts have been writing themselves ever since she showed up in our collective consommé consciousness, but things got extra dumb with the GAZPACHO gaffe. She’s never living this one down.

Sometimes, Twitter can be brought together for the right reasons, and this was one of those times.

It’s almost like pre-2015 Twitter out there, when the worst thing anyone really ever did was make a bad joke and the whole world moved on instead of threatening to kill someone. But let’s focus on the broth, which has temporarily replaced the tea.

It’s getting chili out there for you, Marjorie Manson.


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