[COMMENTARY] Nice Try, Tiny Hands: Trump Mocked For His New “Dollar Store Twitter Blog”

Somebody sure misses the days when he controlled the country’s mood tweet by tweet. The Former Guy is bragging that he’s ‘created a new platform’ to communicate with the remaining MAGA faithful. Thing is, it’s not only new, it sounds like he just recycled an old LiveJournal account from 2002 and renamed it “From the Desk Of Donald J. Trump” (quick aside: seeing his name like that will never not make me think of Elmer J. Fudd, with all due apologies to the entire Warner Brothers cartoon family).

Trump’s “communications platform” will eventually give him the ability to communicate directly with his followers after months of being banned from sites like Twitter and Facebook. Except it’s web-browser-based only, has no mobile app, and does not even allow comments, or posts to be embedded. It’s like if your grandparents didn’t wait for you to help them set up a GoDaddy site.


If I were Jack Dorsey, I’d sue Trump for copyright infringement, because that’s one Twitter-profile-looking blog page. But I digress.

Supporters can sign up to be notified of when Trump sends a message. Basically, the Whiniest Whiner Who Once Lived In the Whine–er, White–House, can whine into an open blog set up by one of grandchildren assistants, and then his minions are expected to spread The Best Words to the social medias where he’s not allowed to do any posting. So, he’s resorting to subterfuge while grifting his fanbase, how not at all shocking.



The delightful irony of this is that he’s being reamed on Twitter where he can’t even see it.

It’s only a matter of time before Trump catches wind that he’s being mocked for pretending to invent another thing that’s existed forever and feel extra sad he can’t rage tweet about it anymore. But then he’ll remember that at least he can blog about it.



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