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[COMMENTARY] Nearly Half of Biden Administration’s 500 Million Free COVID Tests Are Still Unclaimed

[COMMENTARY] Nearly Half of Biden Administration’s 500 Million Free COVID Tests Are Still Unclaimed

“F*ckin people baffle me.”–Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting.

That quote goes through my head more often than I want it to, because we’re living in the stupidest of times. I also think about John Heard mimicking Tom Hanks in “Big” when he’s all “I don’t get it,” because it helps me to laugh at living in the stupidest of times. Think of MAGA as making that face while we’re all Elizabeth Perkins.

Here’s where I’m going with this: the people who have been whining the most about the COVID-19 pandemic are the ones who have been keeping it going. Why do you think there are mutated variants, class? Because of YOU unvaccinated unmasked bullies in the back who never pay attention, that’s why! I haven’t seen a single person in an iron lung at any anti-vax protests, which means they’re all vaccinated against polio. They’re also probably protected against Diptheria and tetanus and all of that other stuff we get vaccinated for so we can go to kindergarten. To get even snarkier, I’m pretty sure none of them brazenly walk through doors marked “Employees Only” at places where they don’t work “because muh freedoms,” but don’t you dare ask them to think about other people in their community by getting just another vaccine and masking up until enough people are immune and then we can all live freely and die, just like they want.

Weird how this only happened during the most incompetent excuse for a presidential administration, huh? Also weird how Trump knew in February 2020 how bad it was, and so did Bob Woodward, but nobody said that publicly until way too many Americans were dead because selling books somehow matters more than having people alive to buy them.

When the Biden administration got vaccines and boosters out to the public at large, they kept making it easier to get vaccinated, and then they went ahead and made it even easier to get tested. And MAGA just kept complaining that President Biden wasn’t doing anything for America while he’s literally standing in front of the world explaining how there are free COVID tests available FOR EVERY AMERICAN. Yes, even those who didn’t vote for him! That’s how a real President rolls, friends. Because this legitimately elected President doesn’t want everyone to die, HOW DARE HE.

There are literally hundreds of millions of unclaimed COVID tests that President Biden would love for your family to have. You say you don’t need them right now? Great, neither did I, but I ordered mine anyway just in case, even though I’m also vaccinated and boosted. As mask mandates begin to lift, I’m really hoping all public places demand customers show proof of vaccination or be refused entrance. How soon before we get new outbreaks because the selfish unvaccinated waited out a pandemic (that would’ve been over by now if a competent administration had been in place when it first began)?

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Quick aside, I like it when he calls us “folks.” Like you could have a beer with him.

Seriously, I’m tired of wondering what’s wrong with people who are still too in love with their hate to see that Joe Biden is a good and decent human who doesn’t want other humans to die. It’s really that simple, you selfish jerks. Order the tests! Put them in the medicine cabinet and forget about them. Better to not need them and have them, etc, right? SHEESH.


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