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[COMMENTARY] NBA Star Bradley Beal Rejects Support From Ted Cruz

[COMMENTARY] NBA Star Bradley Beal Rejects Support From Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R/Q-TX) is vaccinated like every other member of the Senate, but that hasn’t stopped him from pushing anti-vax and anti-mask messaging or introducing a bill in his home state of Texas to block President Biden’s vaccine mandates for school-aged children. There is also no bigger clout-chasing star-effer on Twitter than Cruz, who has sought approval from the Famous while also getting into tweet wars with the likes of Seth Rogan.

The universally unliked Cruz continues to obtusely seek approval online while opening himself to even more criticism. Literally no one wants their names linked to his, not even his fellow Republicans or others who might share his science-denying stances.

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Senator Wheelie Bag decided to court favor with some NBA court kings who’ve had some very public anti-vax stances despite league rules. While some teams have reached 100% vaccination status, other players such as Kyrie Irving have been penalized for their refusal to get vaccinated. In light of a similar controversy surrounding the NFL’s MVP Aaron Rodgers, a Cruz tweet from late September has resurfaced where he aligns himself with those players.

Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards was one of those NBA players to make headlines with his refusal to get vaccinated before the season even started. Beal, who missed the Olympics after contracting COVID-19, initially has cited “personal reasons” for the decision while spreading anti-vaccine misinformation. He later walked back those comments, saying he was still considering getting the vaccine and explaining he couldn’t receive it at the time due to his recent bout with the virus.

Beal responded to Cruz, essentially telling the guy who let Trump get away with calling his wife a dog to stay in his lane. He still isn’t vaccinated, but Beal told The Washington Post’s Ava Wallace that he is now open to the idea, especially now that his two young sons are attending preschool.

Even though he remains unvaccinated, Beal had some choice words for Cruz: “Don’t attach me to that. Because that’s not what I was trying to do. I’m not sitting here advocating for people not to get it. … I’ve never met you, I don’t talk to you, and I don’t support you or anything you do. That’s a little weird. That’s why I don’t like social media. Ted, you know damn well I ain’t rockin’ with you. You’re not going to get no cool points if that’s what you’re in it for.”

Ted Cruz was absolutely in it for the cool points, and all of Twitter knows it.

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