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[COMMENTARY] Monica Lewinsky Wins ‘Dear Intern’ Twitter Trend

[COMMENTARY] Monica Lewinsky Wins ‘Dear Intern’ Twitter Trend

Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody makes a mistake that goes viral and follows them for the rest of their lives. When you become infamous, you have a choice to make: either embrace your infamy or spend the rest of your life trying to run from it.

HBOMax sent a bizarre email to its subscribers on Thursday with the subject line “Integration Test Email #1,” and the body of the email only containing one sentence: “This template is used by integration tests only.” Streaming users immediately turned to Twitter to voice their concerns, with many creating memes saying that it could be a new show that HBO is airing.


Looking very much like the mistake it was, the email was shared widely by HBOMax subscribers, and the jokes began almost immediately.

The streaming service quickly sent out a tweet explaining what happened, upping the ante on the Twitter meme game by admitting that it was indeed an intern who’d made the mistake.

The news prompted a wave of “Dear Intern” tweets in which Twitter users shared their own embarrassing stories from their internships, including mistakenly downloading viruses to company computers and erasing massive amounts of files.


And then, the world’s most infamous intern joined in the fun.




Lewinsky, now a Vanity Fair contributor and anti-cyberbullying advocate, referred to the hat she was famously photographed wearing while working at the White House because she knows how to make the jokes before anyone else can.

And then Twitter really exploded, because shockingly, there are people out there with strong opinions about Monica Lewinsky (aka the World’s Greatest Sport, in this writer’s own strong opinion), and because social media has killed anything that resembles polite discourse, none of them were shy about letting her know it.

Fortunately, Lewinsky’s followers and fans have her back.


Lewinsky has gone viral many times on Twitter thanks to her self-deprecating quick wit.

But Monica Lewinsky will be getting the last laugh, however. Her company Alt Ending Productions has inked a deal with 20th Television ahead of the latest installment of the “American Crime Story” anthology series following the Clinton impeachment. Lewinsky is serving as a producer on the series, with actress Beanie Feldstein portraying her. Other cast members include Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, Edie Falco as Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp.


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