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[COMMENTARY] Mike Pompeo Is the Next Beneficiary of the Republican Publishing Racket With New Book Deal

[COMMENTARY] Mike Pompeo Is the Next Beneficiary of the Republican Publishing Racket With New Book Deal

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There are plenty of ways to launder money, many of which you can learn simply by watching any movie about the Mafia. Or you could just pay close attention to what’s happening over at Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, because both publishing houses are going to need to wipe down their presses from getting clogged up by all of the Republican blood money they’re moving around.

I’ve written extensively about what I’ve dubbed “The Republican Publishing Racket”, where someone really terrible connected to Donald Trump gets a book deal but doesn’t tell the public at large about what they knew and when they knew it until they have to go on the talk show circuit to promote their publishing date. Excluded from this specific group are Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, who aren’t members of the Trump Crime Syndicate, but who still sat on those Trump quotes about the Coronavirus for months while thousands died just so they could add some more digits to their bank accounts.

Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo disagree on Twitter
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BUT ANYWAY, I’ve been writing about this criminal enterprise for almost a full year now and it never fails to infuriate me that publishers keep killing trees to make these giant piles of ghostwritten crap that no one ever reads and are destined for Costco bargain bins around the country. Meanwhile, your humble writer is still trying to get her really cool fictional rock and roll love story noticed by anyone, but I’ve never committed treason and I don’t know where Trump’s bodies are buried, so I guess I’m doomed to be a writer who writes about other writers who don’t even deserve to sniff the ink their lies are printed with.

This brings us to Mike “Pompous Pilate” Pompeo, who’s at the Paul Manafort end of the Trumpian spectrum when it comes to truthiness. He’s got a book coming out this fall from Broadside Books, a conservative imprint at HarperCollins Publishers, who announced Monday that Pompeo’s untitled book was scheduled for November. Financial terms were not disclosed, but I bet it’s more than I’ve ever made in my entire lifetime, and that’s all of the wrong in all of the ways.


Thankfully, all of that blood money is still green once you clean it off, amirite HarperCollins? Oh, I know it’s a division of your main house, but it hurts me at a cellular level that the same publishers behind Dave Grohl’s memoir are also openly supporting treason.

Maybe someday another publishing house will cater exclusively to those on the right side of history, instead of those on the Right who try to rewrite history. Until such time, I’ll be over here still writing about other writers who are doing everything wrong.

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