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[COMMENTARY] Mike Flynn Attacks GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Over Failed Jan 6th Coup

[COMMENTARY] Mike Flynn Attacks GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Over Failed Jan 6th Coup

My new favorite hobby is watching the MAGA implosion happening right in front of us in real-time. The walls continue to close in on Donald Trump thanks to multiple criminal investigations, including the parallel probes conducted by the Justice Department and the January 6th House Select Committee. And since he’s not going to go down alone, his inner circle is now playing Hot Potato with the lion’s share of the blame that Trump will never take.

Not enough people have given enough to the very compromised Chairwoman of the GOP, Ronna McDaniel, who dropped the “Romney” from her name because her blood relation to Mitt Romney gives King Baby Donald the bad feels. Ronna testified under oath to the January 6th Committee that Trump had called her to specifically seek her help in overturning the 2020 election, and she said the RNC would do anything they could do to help. Why she’s not already in prison is another white-hot mystery, but maybe the DOJ is working on something for her now too.

I’m not the only one who has a problem with Ronna. Now Qrazy disgraced former General Mike Flynn (the unregistered foreign agent who plead guilty TWICE to lying to the FBI and was pardoned by Trump before he oozed out of office ) is calling her out for *checks notes* doing the coup wrong and basically being bad at overthrowing the government. Seems like a weird thing to say out loud in public, but Flynn is so out there, he’s not even living on Earth Two, he’s creating a brand new Earth Three where he makes all of the rules just by believing in his own delusions. Flynn literally wants Ronna RomneyWhatever to resign for not doing enough to help Trump illegally remain in power.

In a post on Flynn’s Telegram channel, Flynn linked to an article from the far-right conspiracy theory propaganda mill The Gateway Pundit that claimed McDaniel and other RNC officials were AWOL at Trump’s notorious January 6th speech at the “Stop the Steal” rally that preceded the deadly riots at the United States Capitol building. In his rant, Flynn recited many previously debunked false claims about the 2020 election and accused McDaniel of not doing anything to address them.

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“McDaniel did nothing when GOP observers were removed from the ballot counting rooms in the battleground states,” Flynn ranted. “McDaniel did nothing after Democrats dropped tens of thousands of illegal ballots into the state totals in the early morning following the 2020 election. McDaniel did nothing when Democrats continued to deliver hundreds of thousands of mysterious votes into the counting rooms days after the elections. McDaniel did nothing to address the illegal ballot drop boxes.”

OK QRAZIES! You both belong in prison along with the rest of the plotters, so no one is really the winner here. The DOJ can’t subpoena either of these loonies fast enough for me, although they’ll probably both just plead the Fifth like the traitors they are.

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