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[COMMENTARY] Meghan McCain Pushes Propaganda During Her Last Days on ‘The View’

[COMMENTARY] Meghan McCain Pushes Propaganda During Her Last Days on ‘The View’

Meghan McCain might be leaving “The View” at the end of this month despite the two years left on her contract, but that doesn’t mean she’s going quietly. Nutmeg, as Twitter likes to call her, is going to be sure to strew the most up-to-date Republican propaganda talking points all over these remaining days on the panel. Filtered through her husband’s website The Federalist, which in turn was filtered from…we still don’t know where, the Double Nepotism Poster Child is making sure to get as much misinformation out there as possible before she stops misusing her unearned free platform.

It’s unclear when politicians and their unworthy children became acceptable surrogates for medical doctors with real degrees and decades of experience, but the GOP has normalized taking scientific and medical advice from anyone except scientists and physicians. “Questioning the science” has replaced “trust the science”, which is extra bad coming from people who believe in the dual cults of Trump AND whichever church they belong to.

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Meghan McCain never attended medical school. She doesn’t have a degree in science. What she has is the luck of being born into a prominent political family, which gave her an advantage over actually talented and experienced women. “The View” hasn’t announced her replacement, but I’ve been yelling into Twitter for her entire tenure that she should be replaced by Ana Navarro four days a week, with the fifth set aside to welcome an inclusive rotating panel of women from Twitter. Maybe someone can pass that idea along for me while we return our focus to Nutmeg using her last days to discuss a poll where it was found that Republicans who “have a great deal of confidence” in science took a drastic drop from 72 percent to 45 percent between 1975 and 2021 — and suggested people have every reason to question scientists.

What it really means is that the Republican Propaganda Machine became something unstoppable over the last four years, and Nutmeg is living proof. If the coronavirus had hit the planet during any previous administration, the outcome would have been very different, because we wouldn’t have been living inside of one giant disinformation campaign from the White House. Just putting the word “science” in quotes is to employ a blatant GOP misinformation tactic that has already had enough deadly results.

Meghan might be leaving, but the kind of unchecked privilege she represents is a metaphor for the GOP as a whole. Acceptance of propaganda and the sharing of misinformation at any level is doing a disservice to the country as a whole. At least Twitter can enjoy giving her the kind of sendoff she rightly deserves.


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