[COMMENTARY] Meghan McCain Downplays Climate Change on The View

The View has barely kicked off its 24th season, and panelist Meghan McCain (daughter of the late Senator John McCain, in case you hadn’t heard) is already creating controversy with both her guests and her co-hosts. The pregnant McCain first challenged Michael Cohen on Monday’s show (“Why should I believe anything you say?” she asked Cohen at one point). On Tuesday, #FireMeghanMcCain was once again trending on Twitter along with #TheView as McCain defending Donald Trump’s clueless claims regarding climate change.

During his trip to California, Trump sparred with the state’s leading climate scientist regarding the wildfires that are currently devastating the West Coast. “Science doesn’t know,” Trump said, after assuring him that “it’s going to get cooler, you know.” McCain backed up Trump’s comments, saying that climate change had been “politicized”, and because of that, she seemed to dismiss that it is a problem. She also pointed out that at least 60% of Republicans said that the issue does not affect them, which means they will not vote based on it. For her and others like her, COVID-19, the economy, and social unrest are the most critical considerations for voting.

When McCain said that she wouldn’t cast her vote based on the topic, host Whoopi Goldberg immediately jumped on her comments, which echo the talking points often pushed by her husband Ben Domenech’s rightwing website, The Federalist. Goldberg pointed out that it could very well end up affecting the pregnant co-host or others because the cloud of smoke is traveling across the country and affecting air quality. She also called out McCain on the fact that the fires and other natural disasters end up having economic implications, especially when it costs so much for regions to recover and rebuild after the devastation. Those costs are passed along to taxpayers.

Twitter users immediately jumped on McCain, who was similarly trolled when she recently tussled with Trump’s niece Mary L. Trump, accusing her of writing her tell-all “for the money”, in one of the more blatant displays of her thorough lack of self-awareness.


Because she can’t stay on one topic for people to troll her…


















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