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[COMMENTARY] McCarthy’s ‘Joke’ Is A Violent Threat Against Nancy Pelosi

[COMMENTARY] McCarthy’s ‘Joke’ Is A Violent Threat Against Nancy Pelosi

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican House Minority Leader who made a terrified call to Donald Trump from his office on January 6th as rioters were attempting to break through his window, made a casual joke about committing violence against a woman and received thunderous applause as a result.

McCarthy was appearing at a private event where he talked about replacing Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and what he would have to keep himself from doing once handed the gavel. He may have been in front of a crowd, but he was clearly playing to an audience of one: the Florida Retiree who’s currently hiding out in New Jersey and pretending the Oval Office is being decorated or something and that’s why he’s taking his “Cabinet meetings” there.

"Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA)" says Pelosi letter
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In mimicking Trump, the GOP has become him. Now a message of violence against a woman in a position of power is simply accepted as more red meat for the MAGA minions. McCarthy can try to pass it off as a ‘joke’, but it’s never funny to reference hitting a woman. NEVER. No, not even then, reader who just thought of a funny way to joke about hitting a woman. Nope.



Normalizing casual misogyny, as well as increased violence, is a hallmark of the Trump brand, and while McCarthy’s false bravado was obvious, that doesn’t make it okay for it to become a new rallying cry for the right.

It’s also never okay to tweet irresponsible headlines about violence against women.

At this point, you just want to scream “SHUT UP!” at all of the GOP at once like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Kindergarten Cop”. They all love being terrible more than they love America, and it’s more than enough already.

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The Select Committee needs to subpoena Kevin McCarthy next, before any other House Republican, because without his weak complicity, the freshman QIdiot Qongress of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn never would’ve been candidates, let alone “win” their races in 2020. In the meantime, Twitter was handing McCarthy something very different from a gavel on Sunday.


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