[COMMENTARY] McCarthy Releases Propaganda Filled Statement in Defense of Greene

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement about House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, she identified him as representing “Q-CA” for his allegiance to Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene over the good of both the Congress and the country. As “Qevin McCarthy” began to trend on Twitter Wednesday, McCarthy released a statement of his own that addressed the controversies around Greene as well as their “discussion”, which after a read of his statement probably went something like this:

McCarthy: I have to pretend I’m scolding you, but you know I love being crazy with you!
Greene: I know! I love being crazy with you, too!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, speaks to a member of the media as she walks through Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. The U.S. House prepared to vote on a history-making second impeachment of Donald Trump as lawmakers seethed over his role inciting last week’s mob attack on the Capitol and the president’s once-firm control over the Republican party began to break down. Photographer: Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Instead of expelling Greene, as even members of his own party have called for, McCarthy gave her a verbal slap on the wrist and sent her back out into the halls of Congress to presumably racially harass her colleagues, or maybe stalk a school shooting survivor, or say again that 9/11 was a hoax. Her “comments before she was in office” are just as bad as the comments she’s been making ever since she’s taken office, but that doesn’t matter to Qevin McCarthy, who’s still in sway of the Dear Leader and will obey the orders he’s given.

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One passage of McCarthy’s statement is complete propaganda, which is ironic when defending a conspiracy theorist:

“While Democrats pursue a resolution on Congresswoman Greene, they continue to do nothing about Democrats serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee who have spread anti-Semitic tropes, Democrats on the House Intelligence and Homeland Security Committee compromised by Chinese spies, or the Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee who advocated for violence against public servants.”

Typical weak GOP move to throw out baseless accusations and rumors while ignoring the fact that Greene believes in Jewish Space Lasers and other conspiracies with no basis in any reality.  McCarthy’s tweet was already on its way to a historic ratio as Twitter users let him know just what a bad take he had taken.

Also, this part: “I offered Majority Leader Hoyer a path to lower the temperature and address these concerns. Instead of coming together to do that, the Democrats are choosing to raise the temperature by taking the unprecedented step to further their partisan power grab regarding the committee assignments of the other party.”

Well, Qevin, are you going to tell anyone what that ‘path’ was, or do we have to guess? Was it “Let her stay and we’ll try not to plan any more insurrections?” Of course Steny Hoyer denied your counteroffer to keep an unhinged gun nut in Congress, you obtuse rube.

The House is moving forward with its vote to remove Greene from her Committee assignments on Thursday, with a forthcoming vote on a bill from Representative Jimmy Gomez to expel her from the House altogether.





































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