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[COMMENTARY] Matt Gaetz Suggests ‘Blowing Up’ Metal Detectors in Congress

[COMMENTARY] Matt Gaetz Suggests ‘Blowing Up’ Metal Detectors in Congress

Matt Gaetz is melting down in real-time and doesn’t seem to care who knows it.

While his alleged (uh huh) partner in sex trafficking, Joel Greenberg, needs a few more months to work with prosecutors and give them every last bit of dirt on him that can be scraped from the bottom of the Florida swamp where he dwells, Gaetz is on a solo national self-destruction tour that began last month in Washington State. You know things are bad when even Marjorie Taylor Greene won’t go on the road with you, but Matty has a history of just ignoring every “no” he hears from a woman and continues anyway.

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As he has learned from mirroring his Second Daddy Trump, who also doesn’t love him, Gaetz acts like the whole world doesn’t know about all of the things he’s done and pretends he’s the ideal guy to stump for a candidate. Problem is, literally everyone knows what he is and where he should end up, and Gaetz knows we know. So he’s thrown all of his Venmo money to the wind and has entered into the official last leg of his “IDGAF Scorched Earth 2021” tour.

The condemned Florida Man has made a mockery of all House proceedings, to the point where he disrespected a decorated General during an official inquiry. He has also chosen to harass our colleague from his official government Twitter account–something that shockingly still hasn’t been picked up by the media–another stunning example of his open abuse towards women, particularly women in the press.

But Gaetz has no problem taking up for a woman as long as she’s Trumpy and loves her guns more than she loves America. In a refreshing change, Gaetz shone his heartlight on a female above the age of consent, his colleague and probable January 6th team player Lauren Boebert. Boebert has a history of trying to enter the House while packing, and the pesky metal detectors keep going off, which is super annoying when you’re trying to quietly plot another assassination attempt on the Speaker of the House.

Matt Gaetz has a solution to that, however. While stumping for fellow MAGAt Anthony Sabatini, he suggested that maybe Boebert should comply with House rules and safely lock her gun away while performing her Congressional duties. JUST KIDDING, he said in public in front of other people that “five foot nothing” Lauren Boebert needs her gun to protect her delicate little self, poor lamb. Don’t get rid of the weapon or the woman who live-tweeted Nancy Pelosi’s location on January 6th, get rid of the protective device instead. But don’t just take it out, oh no. Matt Gaetz wants more explosions at the Capitol, because he’s totally moved on from that normal tourist visit last January.

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