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[COMMENTARY] Matt Gaetz Could Be Charged ‘Within Weeks’

[COMMENTARY] Matt Gaetz Could Be Charged ‘Within Weeks’

Beleaguered Congressman Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) could finally face charges within a matter of weeks as the criminal probe into his part in an alleged sex trafficking ring heats up thanks to his partner in crime, Joel Greenberg, cooperating with federal authorities. Greenberg has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking, stalking, identity theft, wire fraud, and conspiracy to bribe a public official. Nice friends, Matty!

Gaetz could face similar charges and worse now that more women involved with both men are coming forward to tell the FBI what they know. Greenberg is prepared to hand over evidence and testimony against Gaetz and others, and prosecutors could decide as soon as July whether to charge the self-anointed “firebrand” with the same crimes.

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Gaetz continues to profess his innocence as he tours the country with fellow disgraced Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Incorporating the MAGA tactic of pretending everyone doesn’t know you’re in major trouble, Gaetz made an unhinged appearance on Newsmax on Thursday to push the new Republican lie about January 6th that the FBI somehow planned it all and is scapegoating Trump supporters for the deadly attack on the Capitol.

But you can’t rewrite history or outrun the truth when your best friend has handed over your Venmo receipts to the Feds and Fox News won’t have you on as a commentator anymore. The walls are closing in on Gaetz, and Twitter is more than happy to remind of the facts. Especially when he’s tweeting this kind of weakness:

Democrats have been calling for Gaetz to be removed from his committee assignments and from the House itself, but of course, Kevin McCarthy isn’t listening to anyone but the former guy.

Gaetz has been slowly falling out of favor not just with Fox News, but other Republicans have been quietly distancing themselves from the former Trump favorite who now can’t even get the former guy on the phone. At least Twitter can always use Gaetz as a digital punching bag, if only because he makes it so easy.

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