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[COMMENTARY] Mary Trump Pulls Her Podcast From Spotify Over Joe Rogan Misinformation

[COMMENTARY] Mary Trump Pulls Her Podcast From Spotify Over Joe Rogan Misinformation

Mary Trump is the only Trump in the public eye who cares about the truth.

Mary tweeted on Tuesday to announce she’s pulled her still-new podcast, “The Mary Trump Show,” off of Spotify over alleged COVID-19 misinformation on Joe Rogan’s podcast, saying she hopes to be a “part of a growing avalanche.” Mary rocks like that, and I feel like I can call her by her first name now because we’re mutual follows on Twitter. *blushes while giggling in humblebrag*

Mary has always told the truth regarding her lying relatives, and when she first began giving interviews when she published her book about Donald (the only way Mary refers to TFG, she says, because he hates to be called Donald) we heard a lot of things that validated what we’d all thought about him for years. Mary provides insight into how her cousins operate, and having her as a reference every time something criminal goes down on the crazy side of her fam (so, any day that ends in “-day”) is actually a source of comfort for those of us who ran out of patience for them forever ago.

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Mary is following the lead of musical legends like Neil Young, Graham Nash, Joni Mitchell, and Nils Lofgren, because she tweets about music just as much, if not more, than politics. Hot tip: never tell her the Rolling Stones are better than The Who. You’re wrong, and she knows it.

Mary is always on the right side of history, like when she tweets her support for fellow Shero E. Jean Carroll and patriot Alexander Vindman.

Hopefully, more podcast hosts will follow Mary’s example following Neil Young’s example (just don’t announce anything before they do for once, Internets). There are plenty of other host sites that won’t look the other way at dangerous propaganda, even with a hasty disclaimer added once they’ve seen their company tank into the billions within a week.

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Also, Mary, I’m monumentally available to be a guest so we can talk about music as well as whatever else we might have in common.

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