[Commentary] Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Bill To Stop All Immigration

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s proposed new legislation will never become law, but is essentially a maximum-strength dogwhistle, shouting anti-immigrant ideology from the rooftops of D.C.

Marjorie Taylor Greene bill will never recieve a vote
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Every year, thousands of bills are introduced that will not only never become law, but are not intended to make it even to a Congressional vote. Sometimes, the display is the purpose — they draw attention to an issue, or to the politician making the proposal.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has made every effort in her short time in Congress to draw attention, even making a routine of a daily motion for the House to adjourn. As CNN‘s Manu Raju explains, it takes up an hour of legislative time, forces colleagues in committee to stop what they’re doing and come participate in a meaningless display vote, and for a brief time, gives her a tiny piece of control over everyone around her. (Greene herself has been removed from all committees over her spreading of conspiracy theories.)

Her newest ploy for attention is a House bill she says she’ll file on Friday. It’ll certainly get the attention of anyone and everyone whose ears are pitched to catch a dogwhistle.

Even in the unrealistic hypothetical case that this bill — completely banning all immigration during Joe Biden’s presidency, funding a border wall, and revoking DACA protections, among other provisions — had any chance to make it to a House vote, it could never pass a vote with a Democratic majority, and if it landed on Biden’s desk, it would never get a signature.

The bill can serve literally no purpose except a bright beacon signal to isolationists and xenophobes to tell them Greene supports their causes and views. Once again, Greene places herself in the spotlight, perfectly satisfied to draw negative attention if that’s the only kind of attention available.

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