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[COMMENTARY] Marjorie Taylor Greene Encourages Kids to Drop Out of School to Become Truck Drivers

[COMMENTARY] Marjorie Taylor Greene Encourages Kids to Drop Out of School to Become Truck Drivers

I can’t keep stressing this enough: the smart people in this country need to be louder than the stupid people.

Too many freshman members of Congress never made it to their senior years of high school or finished college. Lauren Boebert failed the GED three times and most likely paid off someone to take it the fourth one for her while she was campaigning. Madison Cawthorn never graduated. And then there’s professional stupid person Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is the smartest of the dummies, having graduated from my own alma mater, the University of Georgia, in 1996. Thankfully our paths never crossed because she probably never set foot in the Drama Department, because she hates Jews and gay people.

[Screenshot via Gab/Marjorie Taylor Greene]
Ennyhoo, Marjorie didn’t even need to go to UGA, because she knew she’d just go back home and live off her daddy’s construction business money. While calling the company she inherited “woman-owned,” she’s never actually worked there. She also happily accepted PPP money from the gummint with one hand while giving President Joe Biden the finger with her other one, and her antics on the House floor are legendary because she has no Committee assignments and is just walking human performative crap at this point.

Marjorie has delegated her remaining Twitter account to her staff so she can spew garbage on Gab, and the woman who denies she talked about “Jewish space lasers” and compared vaccines to the Holocaust made an appearance where she told people that there’s no reason for anyone to go to college and incur a whole lot of bills when they can just drive a truck for a living.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a truck driver–we depend on our long-haul drivers to get stuff places, and there’s honor in a job well done, especially when you’re bringing people the things they need. Having said that, we don’t need a whole nation of truck drivers. We need a tad more diversity in our workforce, which is why people seek higher education at colleges and universities. You know, like the one where Marge went and probably made a lot of enemies in her sorority. Our pal Patriot Takes found this gem:

Again, I implore you to vote for smart people. You don’t have to like them, but at least acknowledge you’d rather have a boring policy wonk in a Congressional seat than…whatever this is.


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