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[COMMENTARY] Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Rep Cori Bush ‘Racist’ In July 4th Twitter Fight

[COMMENTARY] Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Rep Cori Bush ‘Racist’ In July 4th Twitter Fight

Not even 24 hours after she was parading down the streets of her North Georgia district to the non-applause of “10’s” of people who turned out for her, Super Patriot Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) is using America’s Birthday to virtue signal her Twitter followers to go after a Black woman who also happens to be enjoying her first term in Congress as well.

Let’s break this down, because this beef has a history that goes back to the cow, if you know what I’m saying.

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Soon after the January 6th insurrection, Cori Bush put in a request to move her office in the Capitol after being increasingly harassed by Greene and her staff. At the time, Rep. Bush tweeted about the incident and released an official statement regarding the request.

Since then, Greene has continued to misuse her position in Congress to harass other members, including the parent of a transgender child. After being removed from her Committee assignments, she basically comes to work to figure out new ways to get attention on Twitter. And since her Qidiocy never takes a holiday, Greene decided to display her deep and abiding patriotism by going after Rep. Bush on the actual Fourth of July. It’s like the drunk mom at the kid’s birthday party who’s on her phone the whole time instead of being in the moment. But nobody has ever accused Marjorie Manson of being Mother of the Year or anything.

So ANYWAY, Not-Large Marge decided to grill her beef on Twitter instead of in her own backyard, and she was still finding out what happens when you try to co-opt a Black woman’s tweet with projection language in your attempt to literally whitewash this country’s history of systemic racism. Marjorie probably thinks Frederick Douglass is related to Michael and Kirk.

How it started:

Do you see Marjorie Taylor Greene tagged anywhere in here? Spoiler: no, you don’t. Not about her, not a subtweet about her. Marge was not sent for in any way. This is a tweet from a Black woman speaking some serious truth–albeit uncomfortable for some–to power on her own Twitter account.

Racists haaaaate when that happens. Let’s watch!

By late Sunday afternoon, here’s how it was going.

Happy 4th of July to everyone except Marjorie and her fellow insurrectionist pals!

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