[COMMENTARY] Marco Rubio Dragged For Anti-Fauci Tweet

It’s not a great time to be a Republican, what with them refusing to back a package to help the now 12 million Americans who lost unemployment benefits while facing the loss of their Dear Leader. #RepublicansDontCare was trending on Sunday because they’re literally standing between Americans in need and a check for a measly $2000 after months of accumulated debt. Trump is golfing, Pence is skiing, and Americans are dying at the same rate as a 9/11 on the daily. While some in the GOP have begun to acknowledge Joe Biden as the President-Elect and are urging others to do the same, the Trump sycophants who remain faithful continue to publicly humiliate themselves to stay in his favor for a reason yet to be fully revealed to the public (censure would help HINT HINT).

Even as high profile Republicans are being forced to delete their Twitter accounts over COVID19 misinformation, others act like Twitter is some private journal only they can see, because they almost never interact with anyone else. One of the biggest Trumpocrites is “Liddle” Marco Rubio, who obtusely tweets Bible verses while projecting every Republican misdeed onto the Democrats. He’s especially fun to drag, because he’s just such an easy target. Rubio is not a doctor, but somewhere in mid-2020, every Trumper decided it was fine to ignore real medical advice from a seasoned epidemiologist because the My Pillow Guy and Peter Navarro said something they liked better than “Stay home and wear a mask.” And now that there are two different viable vaccines available, they are even pretending to eat their words, they’re just acting like nothing ever happened because they have to keep pushing the Trump party line.

marco rubio mixes up black legistlators
[Photo by Al-Drago-Pool/Getty Images]
But Rubio, who infamously tweeted a photo of Elijah Cummings in a tweet eulogizing John Lewis, took it too far when he thought calling Dr. Anthony Fauci “a liar and an elitist” based on…well, nothing based in real facts, because Trumpers don’t have to make sense, they just have to repeat things until the MAGAts repeat it for them. Dr. Fauci, along with many other physicians in the world didn’t have all of the facts on the virus back in Jan., Feb, and March of 2020. They knew that the virus was contagious, but thought it was more about touch than respiratory transmission. It’s the reason that many Americans were spraying their grocery brags with Lysol and wearing gloves more than masks.


Twitter then went full “OK Trumper” on Liddle Marco, who gets ratioed so often he probably walks at a weird angle.

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