[COMMENTARY] Mango And Trash: Ted Nugent Doesn’t Believe 500K Died of COVID, Stallone Joins Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump sure attracts a whole lot of has-beens, doesn’t he? It’s always so disappointing to learn that someone you had a crush on in the 70s or 80s is aligned with that walking criminal enterprise, but it’s also something that fascinates me to no end. What is it about a twice-impeached two-time loser of the Popular Vote who also bankrupted more than one casino in between his three marriages and five children that attracts those whose own star has dimmed? Can losers sense each other telepathically? Is that why Scott Baio, Kirstie Alley, James Woods, Antonio Sabato Jr, Kid Rock, et al are all still on the Trump Train? I get the sense of community people feel when they’re rejected by the mainstream–that’s the storyline for all of the best 80s movies–but this isn’t a ragtag group of nerdy 5th graders taking on the cool kids and winning the big game at the end. These are fully grown human people who at one point were good enough to be on TV every week, who sold out concert arenas on the regular or made movies that brought in millions. Even if they haven’t done anything of merit in the last decade or two, you’d think they’d be able to recognize a walking orange failure, but nah.

Monday presented us with two not-so-shining examples of the true Trump Derangement Syndrome as we learned punch-drunk Sylvester Stallone has joined Mar-A-Lago, while Ted “I Threatened to Assassinate Obama and Am Still Somehow Walking Around Free” Nugent emerged from his deer stand in the woods of Michigan to declare that he doesn’t believe over half a million Americans have died from the coronavirus.

Despite releasing albums no one wants to listen to, the last time Ted Nugent had a record on the charts was during the Carter Administration. Nugent lives in a world of self-delusion where killing animals for sport is fine but getting vaccinated isn’t, raping teenage girls is fodder for songs, and he’s an attractive man (because Trump said so).

I don’t care if Ted Nugent doesn’t believe 500K+ Americans died from COVID, because he’s clearly so mentally far gone that his opinions have always sounded like he ate and then regurgitated a copy of the National Enquirer from 1983. Nugent is so famously full of hate for all that is good in the world, he was punished for somehow finagling an invite to Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union by being seated next to Thomas Lauderdale, the openly gay liberal Asian piano player for the Portland, Oregon-based band Pink Martini.


As for Stallone…this is the guy who created the character of John Rambo to honor the plights of Vietnam Veterans but has been friends for decades with the guy who called having VD his “own personal Vietnam”. Why, Sly? Like the great Rick Wilson once said, Everything Trump Touches Dies. You’re effectively canceled now, palooka.


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