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[COMMENTARY] MAGA TrumpPet Joe Kent is Dangerous

[COMMENTARY] MAGA TrumpPet Joe Kent is Dangerous

I first tried to warn America about Joe Kent after I interviewed him back on Labor Day. The video is 45 minutes long, so I don’t really expect you to watch the whole thing, but I’m going to hit the big talking points in a second. Just know I’ve dubbed him “Rand Paul Lite,” which should be a shorthand to let you know where Kent stands on all of the worst things. They also have the same terrible hair. Republicans just can’t ever hire a stylist, I guess.

Joe met Donald Trump on one of the rare occasions he was bothered to show up for the photo op to receive the bodies of fallen soldiers. Kent’s wife was killed in action in Syria in January 2019 (hence the reason for his Twitter handle) and misuses her death as a talking point to fault Democrats because they didn’t support Trump’s decision to withdraw all American troops. I called him out on that, as I said in my original piece: I reminded Kent that a full withdrawal would have violated the Geneva Convention and left our allies, the Kurds, vulnerable to slaughter by Erdogan, which was why the bill to prevent the troop withdrawal was introduced; 129 Republicans voted with the Democrats to pass it. Kent described them as “establishment” as well. “Kevin McCarthy voted for it,” I said. “Kevin McCarthy is protecting Jaime Herrera-Beutler,” Kent shot back.

You see it, right? Scaaaary.

ANYWAY, the aforementioned Rep. Herrera Beutler is the Republican incumbent who’s been re-elected five times by the people of our district. While I’m not a huge fan of hers, I gave her the much-deserved props when she stood up before Congress and testified to standing next to Rep. Kevin McCarthy on January 6th when he frantically called Trump at the White House and begged him to call off the crowd as rioters attempted to break through his Capitol office windows. And while she didn’t support Trump’s first impeachment, Herrera Beutler did vote for his second one. This makes her persona non grata with MAGA, and that’s why I’m writing about Joe Kent. He’s going to throw a big MAGA hissy fit if he loses his primary challenge to her. In our interview, he told me he’s already planning to call for “full forensic audits” of not just his, but EVERY Republican race in November, WIN OR LOSE. And every MAGA challenger plans to do the same. It’s not like I’ve been screaming about this SINCE SEPTEMBER, it’s FINE. And we’ll save the Matt Gaetz mishegoss for another time, I can’t even with him right now.


But the main reason we’re here today is that our pal Patriot Takes posted a photo of Trumpy Joe letting his very young kids, both of whom are YOUNGER THAN TEN YEARS OLD use firearms. I had asked about his life as a single father, and while it was clear he dotes on his kids, he really is a cocky jerk who thinks he and his are fully untouchable. He told me off-camera that he had already had COVID and wasn’t going to get vaccinated, nor was he planning to vaccinate his kids. So, this is what blatant child endangerment looks like to most of us living on Earth One:

Aside from his intention to dismantle the American voting system, Joe Kent is a dangerous liar with dangerous liar friends like Marjorie Taylor Greene. In our interview, he looked me in the eye and told me he denounces violence, he denounces the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, et al. There is no place for hate in my campaign, said Rand Paul Lite. And yet I took these photos outside the private residence where he was holding a private fundraiser that was guarded by three very proud-looking boys.

Joe Kent told me if ever saw anyone using threats or intimidation at any of his events, he would call it out right then and there. But when I experienced intimidation and the threat of violence at his rally, literally no one did anything:

The longer we stood, the more unsafe I felt. People seemed to be alerted to our presence. Joe Kent was wrapping up his speech when I quietly said to RP that we should pack up and get out before the crowd could surround us, and he agreed. Even if there were only about 100 or so attendees, I could easily glimpse how it all could go sideways, and how fast it could happen. One person yelling one order would have been enough. It was the January 6th pre-game in miniature, a slice of a Trump rally, an immersion into a world where I was seen as Other, as an outsider, in my own county.

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Joe Kent told me violence is never a solution, but one of the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers or Three Percenters or whoever they were using as private security, followed me to a public event I had been tweeting about. I turned around and the only maskless person was one of the guys who had physically intimidated me at the rally. I did not let on that I recognized him when our eyes briefly locked–I was masked and holding my phone, so I just pretended I wasn’t suddenly terrified and took some pictures. When I looked back, he was gone. I’ve also been followed by the same truck several times. Brent Hennrich, the Democrat challenging Jaime Herrera Beutler, has also been threatened by the same truck driving up and down his street. When MAGA can’t win legitimately, they use threats and intimidation.

Joe Kent is a liar. Joe Kent is a MAGA thug. Joe Kent is DANGEROUS and so is every other Trump-endorsed MAGA challenger. We must scream this as loud as possible, because if they get what they want, our voting system as we know it will be gone, and I don’t want to think about what would happen to this country if we lost that, too.

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