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[COMMENTARY] MAGA Primary Losers Are Doing Their Trumpiest to Claim Election Fraud

[COMMENTARY] MAGA Primary Losers Are Doing Their Trumpiest to Claim Election Fraud

MAGA facts: all elections they win are secure, but any elections they lose are rigged.

That’s their inexplicably dumb story and they’re going to stick to it, even if there’s never been any election fraud proven in connection with the 2020 Presidential election. It also doesn’t matter that the overwhelmingly Republican list of witnesses who’ve given sworn testimony to the January 6th House Select Committee have all said Trump knew he lost, that everyone around him told him he lost, and he still plotted to stay in office.

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I’ve been writing about the MAGA plot to completely dismantle the American voting system from within since Labor Day 2021, when Joe “Rand Paul Lite” Kent told me he was going to call for “full forensic audits” of all midterm races in November 2022. I mean, they’ve been working so hard to overthrow the government, why would a little failed coup stop them? They’re not going to stop.

They’re going to keep kicking up a fuss anytime one of them loses. So if we know this before a single vote has been cast, what can be done? Even if a potential election security bill is close to being released, what’s the chance of any Trump loyalists in Congress voting for it? And even if it’s passed, who’s to say that MAGAts will honor the bill, which makes it clear that the Vice President can’t unilaterally determine the results of an election or change them in any way, among other “Let’s not have another January 6th” type caveats? I mean, tell me about a time Donald Trump upheld any law. The man used his first ex-wife’s recent death to delay a deposition AND fundraise, so please don’t expect anyone to “honor” any election results if they call themselves an “America First” Republican. “America First” is just code for Cult 45. Truth? No thanks, they’re still promoting the falsehood that Democrat Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election. They are INSANE.

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When you have a Krazy Klown Kar full of Nazis and insurrectionists crying over election results, the smarter people need to be the ones we all pay attention to. Tina Peters should be in prison, not demanding a recount of a race she never should’ve been allowed to run because she’s a criminal. In Georgia, Trump’s two recruits to challenge the state’s governor and secretary of state — former Sen. David Perdue and Rep. Jody Hice — admitted defeat after they lost the May primaries. But Kandiss Taylor, a fringe candidate who won only 3% of the primary vote for governor, refused to concede, claiming there was widespread cheating. KKKandiss is a special kind of QAnon Qrazy Trumper. Like, scarily delusional to the point where someone should get her psychiatric help, although I doubt anyone likes her enough to even suggest it.

We know they’re going to keep doing this. The question is how to stop them once and for all.

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