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[COMMENTARY] ‘MAGA Gun Church’ That Worships With AR-15s Building ‘Training Center’ in Tennessee

[COMMENTARY] ‘MAGA Gun Church’ That Worships With AR-15s Building ‘Training Center’ in Tennessee

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A stunning new report from VICE just might make you want to take those “Civil War” threats from the right a little more seriously.

Writer Tess Owen profiles Rod of Iron Ministries, a MAGA-loving religious sect that worships with AR-15s and has purchased a 130-acre property on a mountain in eastern Tennessee to serve as a “training center” and holy ground for its devoted Trump-loving, gun-toting followers.

Perfectly normal churchy behavior [PHOTO: VICE NEWS]

Pastor Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon, a fervent conspiracy theorist and the son of an accused cult leader, is determined to grow his cult–er, church–and has found fertile ground in the heartland of America, where white supremacy grows right along with the agricultural crops. Owen writes that Moon’s congregation, Rod of Iron Ministries, also known as The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, is a “gun-centric spinoff” of the much larger Unification Church, founded by his late father, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah and businessman whose followers were famously known as “Moonies.” Sean Moon, who also goes by “The Second King,” split from the main church amid a dramatic falling-out with his mother about who, between the two of them, was the rightful heir to his father’s empire.

The absolutely-not-a-cult leader also shares videos of him playing with his favorite toys, because it’s what Jesus did, or maybe not.

The new compound in Tennessee is currently under construction, with only a couple of buildings on the property. But the intention is to turn it into a full-on training center for what cult members–whoops, congregation members–see as an impending Civil War.

Read Tess Owen’s fascinating deep dive into the MAGA Church here.

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