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[COMMENTARY] MAGA Candidate Joe Kent Wishes He Could Strip ‘Certain Americans’ Of Their Citizenship

[COMMENTARY] MAGA Candidate Joe Kent Wishes He Could Strip ‘Certain Americans’ Of Their Citizenship

Oh, Joe Kent, you just get more MAGA-y as the weeks go by, don’t you?

You and your tousled Rand Paul hair spreading disinformation and xenophobia like one of the real Republicans, even as your fundraising attempts are stalling and more people are getting hip to the fact that you’re just another MAGA Trump-pet trumpeting the Trumpy talking points you’re told to spew. It’s not bad enough you callously and carelessly endanger your young children by encouraging them to play with handguns while refusing to vaccinate them, but you also are threatening to help Trump dismantle our voting systems from within.

And now, whaddaya know, Joe? You went and did a big ol’ xenophobia and said other terrible stuff on a podcast that seems to be hosted by your neighbor’s 11-year-old kid and you’re just indulging his little hobby as a favor. I mean, how else to explain the visuals here?

I have SO many questions. First of all, who’s David Carlson? He’s clearly excited about wearing his Big Boy suit even if Rand Paul Lite kept it cazh. Also, why doesn’t he have better parents? They must be encouraging this hateful endeavor, so it’s clear David Carlson was carefully taught to be really terrible. And is he related to Tucker Carlson, or is it just a coincidence that he’s serving Fox News Commentator Realness while sharing a surname with the most mediocre fragile white male Snowflake ever?


I know it all too well that some questions just don’t have answers, because I’ve also interviewed Joe Kent. I did a WAAAY better job than David “But Mom Said I Could Stay Up Til 10!” Carlson and I know I did, because within the first five minutes Rand Paul Lite said, “Wow, I usually get softball questions,” which isn’t really anything anyone should tell anyone else, but extra especially not the woman doing an interview with you, genius (“Yeah, I don’t play softball,” was my reply. POINTS: ME). But I’ll say this for the kid: he got all of the -isms and -phobias out of Joe Kent, so he gets points for that. Here’s Lil David extracting homophobia AND transphobia from the guy who told me he’s teaching his kids “good old-fashioned American values.”

Joe Kent is a bad MAGA actor candidate who’s only here to be disruptive, and his comments to Lil David Carlson up there are just another example of how the GOP operates. Smile while you’re talking about how you wish you could strip citizenship from “certain” Americans retroactively. Might those “certain” Americans have more melanin in their skin than you do, Joe KKKent? Because this other clip indicates I’m correct while you take up for a white supremacist Holocaust denier.

You can tousle your hair and smile while you say the vilest things, Rand Paul Lite, but you’re not fooling me. That’s why your friend Matt Gaetz bullied me and why your other friend Matt Braynard blocked me on Twitter. You denounced violence to my face and then allowed it at your rally. I was inches from being physically assaulted by a group of people who told my friend and me that they go to “all the Joe Kent events” to “dox” the people they know “don’t belong”. Tell me more about how you won’t tolerate any intimidation at your events or from anyone who represents you when I’ve been followed in the town where I live and my life has been threatened all because I told the truth of what I experienced by the very people you claim you don’t support.


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