[COMMENTARY] MAGA Attacks Acosta at CPAC

CNN’s Jim Acosta is a saint in human form. The man has been a target for the right ever since he dared to do his job by asking The Former Guy questions during the 2016 campaign and throughout the four years Trump terrorized the press. Despite always being treated with overt hostility from Trump, his sycophants, and his supporters, the unflappable Acosta seems to take most of it in stride. Acosta ventured to rallies during the 2020 campaign and has been threatened by the MAGA minions both on and off camera.

But that was during a time when they thought they could win, and now that they’ve been forced to admit that Joe Biden is the President, Acosta is a walking reminder of the 2020 election cycle and a symbol of the liberal media they blame for their Dear Leader’s loss.

While reporting live on the air from CPAC 2021 on Friday, Acosta was swarmed by the MAGA faithful who began chanting, “CNN Sucks!” In a video of the confrontation, a woman can be heard screaming “Get him! Get him!”

Acosta was asking another man about whether or not it’s appropriate for Donald Trump to attend CPAC and continue spreading election lies when David Marcus, a correspondent for The Federalist, approached and interrupted the interview, which is bad form no matter how awful a human you are. Marcus began repeatedly asking “When are you going to start covering Cuomo?” because Chris Cuomo works for CNN and therefore all CNN employees are culpable when his brother is in the news. Acosta attempted to de-escalate the confrontation, but Marcus continued to press, unwilling to accept any answer Acosta gave.

This rise in hatred against the free press can of course be traced to Trump and his constant barrage against any news organization that didn’t worship at his feet. Journalists have historically put themselves at risk to cover the news, but no journalist should ever feel unsafe walking through a Florida convention center. Sadly, threatening reporters is now seen as a team sport in the Age of Trump.

Trump’s dangerous violent rhetoric caused the rise to threats against the news media, creating volatile and hostile situations like the one Jim Acosta found himself in at CPAC. Without accountability, this treatment of the “liberal” media is going to continue any time they try to cover Republican events.


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