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[COMMENTARY] Madison vs Maddow: Cawthorn Thinks Rachel Is ‘Scared’ To Have Him On Her Show

[COMMENTARY] Madison vs Maddow: Cawthorn Thinks Rachel Is ‘Scared’ To Have Him On Her Show

Rachel Maddow isn’t scared of much, except perhaps anything bad happening to her longtime partner, Susan Mikula. But don’t tell that to any of the mediocre men from the right who use projection language to cover up their own fears of the brilliant MSNBC anchor who also happens to literally be a Rhodes scholar.

Mediocre Madison “You Did Nazi Me Coming” Cawthorn, one of several high-school dropouts who somehow ARE IN CONGRESS RIGHT NOW, has a major problem with reading anything for context, so it’s understandable that he couldn’t grasp the basic language in an email from one of Maddow’s producers that somehow has gotten into the public domain.

UNITED STATES – MAY 14: Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., is seen in the Capitol Visitor Center before Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., won the election for House Republican Conference chair on Friday, May 14, 2021. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

In a nutshell served with the tiniest grain of salt because of the source material, there was an email mix-up and Maddie got his hands on a missive from the senior producer, who had accidentally copied a member of the North Carolina Republican’s team. According to a Monday report from Fox News (yuuup), the producer seemed to want to avoid an uncomfortable discussion if Cawthorn ever reached out to book an appearance on the show. And quick aside, why would he even want to? Rachel Maddow isn’t the type of MSNBC host to suffer Q fools (that’s for Chuck Todd or Andrea Mitchell) and she always does her homework, so she’d eviscerate Cawthorn on literally any topic from the Constitution to how to bait a fish hook. So what’s this really about?

DIVERSION, baby! All of the January 6th stuff is going sideways and downhill fast for the GQP, and now it’s time for a scapegoat. Is there a liberal woman they can use, and can she also be a high-profile member of the media who also happens to be lesbian? Oh hai Rachel!

Literally no one thinks Rachel Maddow is afraid to “debate” Madison Cawthorn, not that it’s her job to do that. More importantly, also not her job to be your whipping girl, Trump Nation. Be more transparent, can you? It’s more like “We really hope he never calls us, that would be awkward.”

Twitter was more than happy to let Qawthorn know they’re firmly on Team Maddow.

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