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[COMMENTARY] Lying Liar Herschel Walker Also Lied to His Own Staff About ‘Secret’ Kids

[COMMENTARY] Lying Liar Herschel Walker Also Lied to His Own Staff About ‘Secret’ Kids

We just keep learning more things about Herschel Walker that continue to solidify my take that he’s quite possibly the worst political candidate ever, if not one of the dumbest and most audacious liars we’ve ever encountered. After all, his favorite Daddy White Knight is the lyingest liar in the history of lying, who literally owned him for a brief moment in the 80s when he tried to be a football team owner and failed at that too.

It’s not surprising to learn that The Daily Beast uncovered yet another pack of lies from Walker, but it’s a special kind of delight to know he was lying to his own campaign staff about the existence of his secret children. Lying to the people whose job it is to get you installed in the Senate with zero experience or knowledge isn’t exactly a shrewd political move, Hersh.

Herschel Walker, NJ Generals Running Back, looks on as Donald Trump, NJ Generals Owner; makes the announcement of a new contract for Herschel Walker through the 1989 season; during a press conference held at Giants Stadium. (Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

But as a lifelong pathological liar, Herschel can’t stop lying. He just does more lying on top of the original lie to try to cover it up, but like a giant zit that just won’t heal, there’s no concealing what’s right in front of everyone.

I’m personally enjoying the irony of the truth being an issue within the Walker campaign, considering I told both Herschel and his campaign manager, Mallory Blount, the truth, and they didn’t like it AT ALL.

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