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[COMMENTARY] Liz Cheney Beats Meghan McCain at the Nepotism Game

[COMMENTARY] Liz Cheney Beats Meghan McCain at the Nepotism Game

Oh, nepotism, where would so many undeservingly rich and famous people be without you?

Would Donald Trump, Jr, and Eric Trump be selling off-the-rack suits at a Men’s Wearhouse in Tenafly, with Ivanka nearby managing a Casual Corner? The Kardashians would probably all still have their original noses and boring daily lives driving carpools. And George W. Bush would just be the good ol’ boy down the street hitting baseballs to the local kids as he sipped his beer all day long.


Nepotism is just the American way for far too many scions of Important Families, which is why there are second and third generations running for Congress or running major industries, and not always with the best results. If you’ve ever seen “Multiplicity,” you know that a copy of a copy isn’t nearly as good as the original. But the ultimate Poster Child for American Nepotism, Meghan McCain, has made a career out of two whole words: “My father.” Perhaps you’ve heard her mention him once or eleventy billion times. Megs likes to hide behind her weird hairstyles and her daddy, but she’s also married to Ben Domenech, who just happens to be really super terrible.

And then there’s Liz Cheney, who has always seemed to be very much her father’s daughter when it came to voting with the party. But then she also demonstrated that she was her father’s daughter when she spoke out against Donald Trump, voting for his second impeachment and now sitting as the Vice-Chair of the January 6th House Select Committee. Now that she’s gone and put country over party, Trump is endorsing her primary challenger, who (shocker) has no business being anywhere near the House of Representatives. So, Liz went ahead and pulled out the big guns (you should pardon the expression) and asked her dad if he wouldn’t mind setting a spell to express his thoughts about Donald Trump for a new campaign ad. And he SURE DID.

If you’re going to do a nepotism, that is how you do it. Also, it’s still weird to hear Republicans you really don’t like saying things you agree with, but here we are thanks to Donald Trump. PS to Meghan McCain:

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