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[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Threatens to ‘IMEACH’ Joe Biden in Typo Filled Press Release

[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Threatens to ‘IMEACH’ Joe Biden in Typo Filled Press Release

Squeaky strikes again.

On Friday, Lauren “The Rent is Too Damn High So I’ll Use Campaign Funds to Pay For It” Boebert (Q-CO) issued an official press release once again attempting to impeach President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (which would result in a President Nancy Pelosi if such insanity ever occurred, but maybe Boebert didn’t have to answer any Civics questions when she took the GED for the third time). The body of the release contains…well, whatever her Qrazy QAnon reasons are. What matters in this particular case is that literally no one from her office understands basic sentence structure, grammar, or spelling, resulting in a diatribe that ends with a giant box at the bottom reading “IMEACH BIDEN”.

Almost immediately, “Each Biden”, “Imeach” and “#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb” all began trending on Twitter. And despite Boebert’s office re-sending a corrected version out into the world, it’s essentially being ignored and/or resoundingly laughed at. Because screenshots are forever and ever, Squeaky. You’d think a member of Congress who’s now officially under investigation for using her campaign funds to pay her rent and utilities would want to maintain a lower profile, but there’s a reason that hashtag trends on the regular.


Apparently, spelling is something that some people just don’t care about. Not even when it’s their own name, as long as they can get some hate speech out there.


Boebert’s reissued press release correcting the typo just brought more dragging.

Boebert was employing the full-on MAGA tactic of ignoring the misspelled tweet so she could keep focusing on being terrible.

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But Twitter isn’t going to let her forget so easily.

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