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[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Kicks Off Pride Month With Her Special Blend of Hate Speech Word Salad

[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Kicks Off Pride Month With Her Special Blend of Hate Speech Word Salad

A new poll reveals that over 70% of Americans agree with LGBTQIA+ rights, including the ability to marry and raise a family.

The other 30% are Congressional Republicans.

SCOTUS ruling doesn't legalize lgbt discrimination
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I spend far too much time wishing that the founders of this country weren’t mediocre scared white Christian men who feared their power might be usurped by anyone who wasn’t them, because our current batch of mediocre scared white Christian men are the result of generations of that repression, and they’ve also subjugated all of their wimminfolk so that they all babble the same hateful hate speech now too. Meanwhile, they all love to get really uppity and shouty about their Bible myths whenever it suits the situation while never actually putting any of what the Sky Daddy said into practice in their real lives.

In this instance, I’m referring to that whole “Do unto others” jazz. It makes sense, right? Treat others the way you expect to be taught. Not only do they never do that, they really hate it when it’s done to them. That guy who screamed at Ted Cruz in a restaurant before all 21 bodies from Uvalde could be identified understands the assignment very well. Ted Cruz doesn’t respect anyone, so why should anyone respect him?

Which brings us back around to Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert, aka Mrs. Jayson Registered Sex Offender Boebert, who still has that “freshman Mean Girl wanting to impress all the senior burnouts” energy. It’s Pride Month, so of course, Klannie Oakley couldn’t possibly treat anyone from the LGBTQIA community with the dignity and respect they deserve. Here’s her hate tweet from May 31st. Remember, the GOP is the “pro-life” party who believes “all lives are sacred” (as long as they’re white and still inside a womb).

As a lifelong ally to the LGBTQIA community who was raised in New Jersey, there aren’t enough swears for me to say about Boebert’s enjoyment of being this terrible to the most wonderful people this planet has ever seen. Squeaky was referring to a story that conservative news sources were blowing up because a preschool teacher in North Carolina used flashcards in class that were LGBTQ themed. One of the flashcards that conservatives were particularly offended by showed a couple where the man is pregnant. Transphobia is unacceptable, but it’s the default setting for the GOP along with the other bad -obias and -isms. Since all bullying is rooting in jealousy, so I all I can think is that Bobo wishes she was as loved and celebrated?

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