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[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Calls 15K American Gun Deaths a ‘Drop In the Bucket’ In 2018 Video

[COMMENTARY] Lauren Boebert Calls 15K American Gun Deaths a ‘Drop In the Bucket’ In 2018 Video

The Republican Party will never stop defending its love for guns and the false sense of security they bring no matter what anyone says to them. You can’t shame them with pictures of children who’ll never grow up thanks to the gun violence epidemic in this country. They only care about pushing the propaganda that comes along with all of that Russian-funneled NRA Blood Money.

Two full years before she brought her dumb takes and hate speech to Congress under circumstances no one can explain to me (lengthy rap sheet, married to a registered sex offender, responsible for mass food poisoning at her restaurant where the servers wore loaded guns on their hips as part of their uniforms, failing the GED numerous times…how did she even get to run in the first place, let alone win?), Lauren Boebert recorded a pro-gun video from her car, which really needs to stop being a thing. Please just drive and record your verbal word salad later. Or maybe pull over into a Cracker Barrel parking lot to do it, Squeaky.

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As the January 6th hearings loom and Lauren’s texts will be included, it’s a wonder she hasn’t gone back to delete all of her pre-Congressional posts, but also the internet is forever, so if you did a bad, someone somewhere is going to find it. Here’s the future Congressperson mouthing off about how there are “A MILLION ABORTIONS” but “ONLY” fifteen thousand gun deaths in America. Because an unviable clump of cells or a dangerous ectopic pregnancy in the first trimester is way more important to freak out about, not kindergarteners or elementary school kids getting slaughtered by assault weapons.


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She’s just vile. And I’ll be that petty person who points out that Squeaky has clearly spent some of those ill-gotten campaign funds on plastic surgery, because it’s pretty obvs. Also, no amount of surgical wizardry will help you when you’re completely ugly on the inside.

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