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[COMMENTARY] Lara Logan Goes on ‘Bonkers’ Rant Claiming Ukrainians Have ‘Ties’ to Nazis and the Occult

[COMMENTARY] Lara Logan Goes on ‘Bonkers’ Rant Claiming Ukrainians Have ‘Ties’ to Nazis and the Occult

Formerly respected journalist Lara Logan went from filing reports on “60 Minutes” to a talking head on Fox News in a spectacular fall from grace where she’s is now openly pushing QAnon conspiracy theories and spewing Russian propaganda on the Fox airwaves and other places where people don’t really check facts.

But that’s on brand for Logan, who’s also said plenty of Antisemitic things on top of the usual Fox swill, and it’s also apparently fine with her employers for her to go on internet shows hosted by their former employers who got fired for so many terrible reasons to say all of the things too terrible even for Fox [sidebar: I’d seriously love to see the contract of a typical Fox News host. Is it just one piece of paper reading, “Sign here, whatever passes for your soul is now ours”? ].

Logan is essentially a free agent, have been dropped by her “talent agency,” plus Fox Nation is basically its own “SNL” parody, so unleashing the Qrazy all over Ed Henry–who of course just went along with the hate speech because it’s his life’s blood too–seems like just another day that ends in “day” for Lara. During the interview on “Real America’s Voice” (which these days sounds like a lot of lunatics hopped on Mountain Dew with some extra meth crushed into it), Logan insisted that “Vladimir Putin knew exactly what he was doing when he went into Ukraine.” Logan also pushed the right-wing conspiracy that Ukraine has been overtaken by the Nazi Party, all the way up to its President, who is actually Jewish and lost relatives in the Holocaust. But don’t you try and stop Lara Logan’s Qrazy Train with your pesky facts, STATE DEPARTMENT.

“There’s so much more going on in Ukraine that nobody is talking about. You see such dishonesty when it comes to the history of Ukraine,” Logan said on America’s Crazy Uncle’s Voice. “I mean, you can find pictures of them online holding up the NATO flag and the swastika. And at the same time, their own emblem contains the black sun of the occult, which was a Nazi SS emblem. And it also contains the sideways, you know, lightning insignia of the SS.”

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And now let us give props to the man doing the Lord’s work, John Whitehouse, who had to listen to the word salad and then sift through it to try to make it make sense so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Thank you for your service, John!


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