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[COMMENTARY] Kristi Noem Is Fine With Forcing An Abused 10-Year-Old to Carry A Baby to Term

[COMMENTARY] Kristi Noem Is Fine With Forcing An Abused 10-Year-Old to Carry A Baby to Term

It really is the most horrifying thing to realize the entire GOP has absolutely no empathy for human life. Oh, they claim to be the “Pro-Life Party,” but as Rachel Maddow always says, “Ignore what they say, watch what they DO.”

So when you hear “As a Christian…” from any member of the Trump faction of the GOP, just know that whatever they say next is meant to actually harm children, and therefore, the future of our country.

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It’s not hysteria or hyperbole to say that the GOP is fully compromised, because there’s no other way to explain its awful track record:

  • they complained about the lack of baby formula in the US but voted against the plan to bring in more baby formula to the US
  • they believe in the death penalty but not abortion
  • they believe in forced births while also voting against public schools and government-funded benefits like SNAP, LIHEAP, and fair housing
  • they’re trying to erase and rewrite the parts of history they don’t like (Texas and Florida have a wicked head start there)
  • they’re okay with child marriage
  • they’re also okay with forcing children who’ve been impregnated by rape to carry that baby to term

Childbirth is traumatic enough to an adult body, and what it might do to a 10-year-old’s tiny little frame is beyond my capacity to think about. Kristi Noem is the literal Face of Evil here. This is your Republican Party. This is what we’re up against, aside from them trying to blow up our voting system with SCOTUS now on board. Republicans want to implode the country, but they have no plans to fix it once the smoke clears and it’s just them in some mountain bunker with some animals and the worst other rich people.

I can’t stress enough how evil these people are. It’s beyond what I can wrap my own brain around.

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