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[COMMENTARY] Keyboard Warrior Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Epic Twitter Meltdown Is Everything – And Nothing

[COMMENTARY] Keyboard Warrior Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Epic Twitter Meltdown Is Everything – And Nothing

By all appearances Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t have a very good July 4th weekend. First there was the abject humiliation she likely felt when just tens of people showed up to line the parade route in Tallapoosa, Ga., on Saturday to watch her ride slowly in a Hummer and wave an American flag. It was a sad, little parade and the lack of attention clearly damaged her psyche.

Then the freshman Georgia Republican representative, ever the keyboard warrior, clearly spent considerable time composing a tweet storm that she unleashed on Monday evening attacking, well, just about everything. She dubbed it “A Message from America to the Swamp” and declared herself the spokesperson for “regular Americans … because I am one of them.” She continued, “This is everything people are saying that DC can’t even come close to understanding because Washington can’t relate.”

Point number one: people have stopped watching news, including Fox News, because “people feel like the mainstream media is the most destructive force in our country” – a statement that ignores Donald Trump’s continued insinuation of himself into the national discourse.

She then boldly declared that “all voters want safe communities, not drug infested, gang controlled, violence.” In all honesty it’s a statement that’s quite true, even though it’s laughable in its shallowness. But certainly it does check a box.

She also got personal, complaining that she’s not getting Republican “fundraising giants'” money for her anticipated reelection campaign. Greene, with absolutely zero public health education or work experience, proclaimed, “No one cares about the Delta Variant or any other variant” of the coronavirus, which currently is responsible for at least 99 percent of new COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in the U.S. over the past four weeks. “All voters are over covid,” she declared. It’s hard to know if she includes those currently in the hospital on ventilators, their families or even perhaps both.

Greene’s other epiphanies: Americans don’t care about President Joe Biden’s ice cream habits, no one likes Vice President Kamala Harris and everyone hates Ilhan Omar.

Her next broadside laughingly equated the United States with other, less seasoned democracies: “If you don’t like America or our flag, then get the hell out of our GREAT country & go live in some other sh**hole Socialist or Communist country.” Conveniently she signed her screed on behalf of the American people, with a reminder that it is “The American people, who pay ALL of the taxes that fund the federal government.”

Maybe Greene, who has nothing better to do since being stripped of committee assignments for her inflammatory rhetoric, feels better about herself now, having gotten that off her chest. Stay tuned.

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