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[Commentary]: Kayleigh McEnany Says Donald Trump Will ‘Attend His Own Inauguration,’ Whatever That Means

[Commentary]: Kayleigh McEnany Says Donald Trump Will ‘Attend His Own Inauguration,’ Whatever That Means

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Friday that President Donald Trump will “attend his own inauguration” ceremony in January despite having lost the White House to President-Elect Joe Biden.

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon / Wikimedia

Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked McEnany, “Are you prepared to say that the president – President Trump – will definitely attend the inauguration?”

According to McEnany, Trump is not finished trying to sue his way into a second term, and therefore has no obligation to stand behind his successor while he takes the oath of office.

“Again, that’s many steps away here, we’re talking January. President Trump believes he will be President Trump, have a second term, and litigation is the first step, many steps away from that,” McEnany said.

“It would look pretty bad if he did not attend. It would look like sour grapes, wouldn’t it,” Varney interjected.

McEnany disagreed.

“I think the president will attend his own inauguration, he would have to be there, in fact,” she said.

Watch below:

Nevermind that McEnany collects a six-figure taxpayer-funded salary to lie the public – her latest enabling of Trump’s delusions about somehow finagling his way around the results of an election he legitimately lost really boggles the mind.

What the press secretary seems to be suggesting is that Trump deserves to be inaugurated – for something, anything – if for no other reason than to sate his fractured psyche.

The American people made their choice. It was not Trump, and the conservative clammoring for political participation trophies is pitiful.

Sixty-eight days until the inauguration – the real one.

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