[COMMENTARY] Just Arrest Matt Gaetz Already

On a day when Republicans voted to remove Liz Cheney from her leadership role all because she wouldn’t push The Big Lie (that Kevin McCarthy immediately negated when he infuriatingly told the press on Wednesday that “the election is over and we’re here with the President right now”), they’re still busy looking anywhere but right at the problem that is Florida Man Matt Gaetz.

It’s bad enough that the GQP is embracing upstart insurrectionists Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Madison Cawthorn while replacing Liz Cheney with Elise Stefanik. What’s worse is that they’re deliberately ignoring the sexual predators still serving on their Committees. Jim Jordan remains in office as well as Gaetz, although the more recent accusations against Jordan are about the missing $3 million from his campaign and not his role in the Ohio State wrestling rape scandal (George Clooney’s docuseries will bring all of that roaring back to the forefront all in due time).

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Matt Gaetz had sex with teenage girls he then paid via Venmo. To call Gaetz a statutory rapist is to speak the truth. Gaetz also paid for sex with prostitutes and was involved with the sex trafficking of other teenage girls. His partner in crime, Joel Greenberg, has been fully cooperating with federal authorities and has given them texts and proof of the financial transactions. Gaetz should be in prison right now, as any regular American citizen would be if they were caught doing the same exact things.

So why isn’t Matt Gaetz in custody? Why was Gaetz allowed to go on his “Save America” tour with Greene last weekend when he should be awaiting sentencing? Every day we learn another horrific truth about Gaetz’s illegal predatory behavior, so why hasn’t the FBI picked him up?

But the biggest question is: Why isn’t Republican leadership addressing any of this? Why the farcical sideshow with Liz Cheney when they have actual criminals in their midst?

Gaetz is being protected by leadership when he should be excommunicated. They should be distancing themselves as far away as they can from the predatory Florida Man, because Gaetz is going to take a page from the Trump Rulebook and take anyone down with him that he can once he starts realizing he’s drowning. Remember how he tried it with Tucker Carlson? Five bucks says Gaetz spent his entire time with Marjorie Manson gaslighting her into believing he never paid a teenage girl for sex, even though Marj has claimed to hate sex-trafficking pedophiles.

Matt Gaetz shouldn’t get a pass just because he’s a rich white Florida Man with a rich white Florida Daddy. Gaetz should be stripped of his committees, expelled from Congress, and arrested immediately. And no bail for the human flight risk, either. We’re exhausted from watching him getting away with his sexual crimes against women and girls.

If the GOP is going to pretend they’re holding their own accountable, they really need to start with the one who makes all of them look like a bunch of rape enablers.

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