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[COMMENTARY] Judge Calls Trump ‘Charlatan’ In Glorious Read After Jan 6th Rioter Guilty Verdict

[COMMENTARY] Judge Calls Trump ‘Charlatan’ In Glorious Read After Jan 6th Rioter Guilty Verdict

Oh, legal schadenfreude! You may be my favorite kind of schadenfreude of all the kinds I’ve sampled lately thanks to the wheels of justice finally catching up to the rest of us.

Donald Trump has done an amazing job of avoiding any real consequences for anything he’s ever done, from being a slumlord in Harlem in the 1970s to becoming a human bridge for Vladimir Putin to gain access to the American voting system in 2016, plus his terrible main adult children, who should neither be seen nor heard. Never one to pay his contractors, lawyers, or tax liens, the orange-tinted walking sheet of Teflon in a baggy Brioni suit has somehow always managed to remain one dementia shuffle ahead of the law.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 06: President Donald Trump speaks at the “Stop The Steal” Rally on January 06, 2021, in Washington, DC.  Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

But even the toughest materials wear down after decades of misuse and McDonald’s grease, and between intentionally tanking Truth Social and endorsing the worst possible candidates, Trump’s closer to something that resembles consequences for the first time in his miserable life because of that little insurrection that he’d love for all of us to fuhgeddabout.

We’re finally seeing trials for some of the nearly 800 people charged thus far in the Justice Department’s January 6th investigation, with punishments varying from time served to up to six years. Capitol rioter Dustin Thompson, who used the “I was just following Trump’s orders” plea that hasn’t worked for anyone else either, the judge–who had been appointed by George W. Bush–lit into Trump as if he were in the room.

It’s always a thing of beauty when someone owns Trump using intelligent words; it somehow makes Trump and his MAGA cult look even dumber to those of us here on Earth One. I’ll let Judge Reggie Walton lay it out himself:

“You know, I think our democracy is in trouble,” Judge Walton said at the conclusion of the trial, which was the third thus far for a defendant charged in the Capitol assault. “Because unfortunately, we have charlatans like our former president, who doesn’t in my view really care about democracy, but only about power. And as a result of that, it’s tearing this country apart.” I’ll let the Judge get away with using the “p” word in association with Trump (I can think of better ones, but decorum in court and whatnot). But he wasn’t finished making his point, which he used as a spike to kill all of the weak arguments made by the MAGA defendants.

Trump’s preferred daughter, Ivanka, and his pet vampire bat, Stephen Miller, have both spoken extensively with the January 6th Committee, and it’s only a matter of time before there’s a criminal referral from them to the DOJ. TFG may never sit in a jail cell like so many who were “just following orders,” but I believe with all my heart that he’s currently living in a prison of his own misery, and has for years. I’ll just be over here, smugly washing down that schadenfreude with my coffee in my favorite mug.




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