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[COMMENTARY] Jim Jordan Won’t Drop ‘Hunterghazi’ Narrative After GOP Clears Hunter Biden

[COMMENTARY] Jim Jordan Won’t Drop ‘Hunterghazi’ Narrative After GOP Clears Hunter Biden

Now that Hunter Biden has finally been cleared by a GOP panel investigation, Republicans are at a loss as to how to keep using him as a false equivalence argument against his father. After all, the panel was supposed to find enough dirt on Joe Biden’s son to use against him in next week’s Presidential Debate, even as Eric Trump has to testify before the election, as he and the other adult Trump children are involved in scandals of their own. Donald Trump even challenged Hunter Biden to a debate in another attempt to drag up the younger Biden’s past employment.

The manufactured scandal surrounding Hunter Biden ramped up during the early days of the impeachment proceedings as Trump sycophants were looking for any way to distract from the hearings. As vice president, Joe Biden called for the firing of an Ukrainian prosecutor to protect Burisma, an energy company that was paying Hunter Biden a lucrative salary to sit on its board, from investigation. Joe Biden also conditioned foreign aid on that prosecutor’s ouster.

All of this is supposed to show that Biden corrupted the Obama administration’s foreign policy for his son’s financial benefit. What the GOP conveniently leaves out of that narrative, however, is this “Hunterghazi” tale has been debunked on more than one occasion. In reality, Burisma wasn’t being investigated at the time, and Joe Biden was working to oust that Ukrainian prosecutor because the prosecutor himself was corrupt. GOP senators were briefed by Obama officials about this policy at the time, including about the conditioning of foreign aid, and had no objections to it.

But why would some pesky facts get in the way of spreading misinformation all over social media? Not only have Trump’s devoted fanbase repeatedly gone back to the Biden/Burisma well for their trolling, but they’ll also continue to ignore their own party’s findings in the name of distracting from their own issues.


Which brings us to Jim Jordan, whose dubious tenure in the House has brought him mostly negative attention, as well as deep scrutiny of his past as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State. Jordan has emerged as one of the more vocal Trump surrogates, appearing maskless and jacketless at his Tulsa rally and on TV to talk him up. Soon after the news about Hunter Biden dropped on Wednesday, Jordan attacked his own party with another hypocritical tweet that makes absolutely no sense.

Clearly Jordan has missed all of the coverage of the adult Trump children, as well as the impeachment and the many press conferences Adam Schiff has called to discuss the family’s criminal activity. So while the GOP scrambles to find a way to attack Joe Biden that might have some merit steeped in reality (good luck), expect the MAGA faithful to keep pushing the Hunterghazi narrative well after the first debate next week.

Here’s hoping House Democrats will open an investigation of their own about Jim Jordan now. There are 177 former Ohio State wrestlers who would love to see that happen.


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