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[COMMENTARY] January 6th Insurrectionist Amy Kremer Officially Fined By FEC

[COMMENTARY] January 6th Insurrectionist Amy Kremer Officially Fined By FEC

[Writer’s disclosure: Amy Kremer has blocked me from her Twitter account]

Amy Kremer, the founder of Women for America First, has let her crush on Donald Trump blind her to the truth about the 2020 election, and now it’s not only coming back to haunt her, but it’s also bringing legal ramifications.

Kremer helped planned a national bus tour for her group which ended at the “Save America” rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. Now Kremer’s failure to file quarterly reporting for her Women Vote Smart PAC has gotten her in Trump-like trouble with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

In a scoop for Rantt Media, journalist Nancy Levine reveals that Kremer has been assessed a fine in the amount of $6,541 for non-filing, according to a letter sent by the FEC to Kremer on February 18, 2021. Payment of the fine, which was due within 30 days of Kremer receiving the letter, has not been made.

The FEC issued five warning letters for “Notice of Failure to File” to Kremer in her capacity as treasurer of the Women Vote Smart PAC. The first warning letter from the Commission was sent to Kremer in May last year, as Rantt Media first discovered.

Kremer not only never acknowledge the notices from the FEC, she also continued to raise money and plan events as recently as two weeks ago at Trump’s Doral property.

Levine details how Kremer, a former Tea Party leader, co-founded the Women Vote Trump PAC in 2016 with Ann Stone, an ex-wife of Roger Stone. Founded with a goal of raising $30 million, by 2017, the Women Vote Trump PAC was nearly $20,000 in debt and had only raised $26,813. And Kremer’s PAC “got in trouble with the Federal Election Commission for the unauthorized use of a candidate’s name”.

It isn’t as if Kremer didn’t have plenty of warning. Aside from all of the letters from the FEC, she definitely ignored advice from people who told her months ago that the agency was coming for her.

Levine writes: “Kremer made news again this week for comments that were condemned as racist, following the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin who was found guilty on all counts for the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Kremer tweeted, suggesting that residents of Minneapolis are still ‘going to riot regardless’ — because they have a ‘free ticket for a shopping spree.’”

Read the full article by Nancy Levine here, and check back for updates on Kremer’s response to the FEC’s fines. We had our own response already, however.

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